The Footy Show (AFL)


I thought what made it poor last night was Sam Newman being held back too much/on a leash, I’d rather he do his usual antics but just toned down and less crude/tasteless.

Clearly Eddie or management have scared Sam off too much?


Yeh my point exactly. Luke mentioned foxtels productions were as sleak as sevens a could be mistaken as theirs. I dont think gamr day is sleak or well produced so have never mistaken them as a seven production…


I didn’t watch it but I believe Sam has a fond respect for Eddie and probably wouldn’t want to harm the first show.


Very true, possibly


The Footy Show will be running an extended special program in 2 weeks.

Thursday 24 Aug at 7.30 pm

The Footy Show My Room Telethon is back. Eddie McGuire, Rebecca Maddern and the team are out to give childhood cancer the boot in a huge 3 hour episode of The Footy Show to raise vital funds for My Room, the incredible children’s cancer charity.

More details closer to the broadcast.


Second annual My Room Telethon tonight


I wonder why they chose tonight to do the telethon instead of next week (when there will be no games to preview due to the bye week)?


Sam Newman has been in another controversy following the way he slammed retiring Western Bulldogs player Robert Murphy. He has been slammed for a lot of controversies on The Footy Show.


Out of interest, has Robert Murphy ever appeared on the AFL Footy Show? Bob was a regular on Before the Game and AFL360, currently does a couple of hours Wed mornings for SEN too.
Wouldn’t he out of character at all for John Newman to do a nice little drive-by on someone who won’t play his silly Footy Show BS.


Why do they turn the tv off when they visit someone’s house for that new Back Up The Truck segment? Crawford has done it twice now.


Probably because it’s on a slight delay and it would be distracting hearing yourself back on a delay.


I think the Delay is about 10-45 Seconds.


10 seconds by my count.

Crawford could mute the tv. The family might have a ratings box. :slight_smile:


they were in WA for the Back up the truck segment and very convenient that the family just happen to be watching a live stream of The Footy Show and could answer the show related questions.

I loled when Sam Newman and Shane Warne on Footybox were watching Talking Footy and asking who the hell was that guy in the middle. I’ve asked the same question.


Footy Show theme composer claims theme has been used without permission in court fight

AN AFL anthem is at the centre of a legal dispute after its composers accused Channel 9 of using it without permission for almost 20 years.

Melbourne lawyer Darren Sanicki co-wrote More Than A Game in 1994, and it has been used on Nine’s long-running The Footy Show ever since.

In documents filed in the Federal Court, Mr Sanicki claims that since 1998, Nine had used the song without seeking permission from him or co-creator Harvey Silver.


Sam McClure. Also known as “scoop”. He’s a journalist for The Age and also works on SEN breakfast a few mornings a week. He was previously with 3AW last year covering footy as well.


Not to mention being the host of Footy Central on Seven’s AFL.


So where have these idiots been the last twenty years then, suspended animation?


Jimmy Barnes will headline the entertainment at the grand final edition, to be held at Rod Laver Arena on Thursday, September 28. Chrissie Swan said on Nova this morning “why Barnesy” when there are other rock acts available.


Sam Newman was marred in another controversy where he criticised Malcolm Turnbull whilst on social media. The number of on-air incidents on The Footy Show is too high.