The Footy Show (AFL)


set looks nice. no idea about content


Set does look much better. Better layout too.


The ties were worn cause it was an old KP theory. He said if we are on TV and people are watching in their living rooms, than we are guest and when I am a guest I dress up when they visit people houses".

And that’s why on panel shows etc nine hosts had ties. Big call by Eddie.


Ouch! Hughesy caught out with awkward joke about Eddie. Over all set is much better. And have enjoyed so far.


MCG backdrop and desk is fantastic.

Studio itsself not so IMO.


I think overall it’s fine! The led screens at the back of the audience are a great idea. The set is simple but so effective as is the desk. The last set looked very dark and dungeon like no resemblance of football.
Great to see them using the theme song properly too. I assume it won’t be sung live every week, but was a nice touch tonight.
Also the audio levels are heaps better too - slicker production overall - there was a constant issue will volume levels previously for years after Eddie left.

Having the teams on screen as a power third is better too :slight_smile:


Long term injury pop-up is real informative.

Overall they are Fox Footy inspired graphics including showing what Fox channel that game is on. Must be part of the deal Eddie did with Foxtel in order to appear on the show.


While there have been gags I have felt that the show has been much more informative and much more about footy.


The studio space looks so compact and claustrophobic, compared to the last with the massive audience space.

Add all the panellists, yelling & tight desk…

Not too flash.

But the highlights for me are the returned logo, new desk and MCG backdrop (doesn’t say much though does it).


They did. Eddie even said to tune in to Gogglebox returning later in the year on Foxtel.


They’ve definitely tightened up the show, removing the funny sounds effects and jokes also.

I actually thought everyone seemed much more reserved/quiet then compared to when Hutchy was hosting a few weeks ago.


I agree. Eddies production company is now producing the show, which also produces a number of shows for Foxtel also. So not surprised.
Overall I’m impressed.


That’s not really what I meant but they did at least acknowledge it wasn’t their format but an imitation (albeit a poor one) of Gogglebox.


Jam TV (Eddie McGuire’s production company) also produces “Talking Footy”, “Friday Night Countdown” & “The Kick”.

It’s structured & liased so well, most presume they’re Seven Sport productions.


I never have. I don’t particularly think sevens game day is well produced at all.


D Hughes needs to go


I’m pretty sure AFL Game Day is produced in house at Seven and not by JAM TV.


And had been since the start of 2008.


Episode still isn’t up on 9now. Have all of the short clips but not the full Ep. NRL one is, but not the AFL one.


He needs to go now. His horrid screeching voice is not funny and he has tarnished the show.
Are there plans to lure either Lehmo or Trevor onto the Footy Show? If so, Lehmo will have to leave ten to go to Nine.