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###The Feed returns for 2016

From Monday 8 February at 7.30pm

SBS Operations

ugh 24 hour time


Is rather different looking logo (pictured below) shown in the latest “Small World. Big Thinking” promotional campaign for SBS News & Current Affairs (and Twitter…and the website) a hint of a refresh/relaunch of the program when it returns for 2016 on Monday night?


SBS2 has been doing that for ages I think…


A new year, new graphics and a new co-presenter for The Feed tonight:


She makes me instantly want to turn off. Marc was great on his own, she’s a pain.


The current display picture on social media:

Possibly hinting of a new look for The Feed to coincide with the rebrand of SBS2 to Viceland?

It seems a bit soon for The Feed to be relaunched after the current/previous look was only introduced at the start of the year IMO, but the above image does fit in with the SBS VICELAND style so it makes sense…


I would say it is very much to tie in with Viceland


As expected, The Feed had it’s 2nd graphics relaunch of 2016 tonight to coincide with the SBS2 > SBS VICELAND rebrand. Interestingly, the theme music has been changed along with the graphics.


Didn’t see it. Is it still less than slick?


The Feed returning for 2017 on Monday.


The Feed takes the piss out of SBS


SBS has made a mock up ad of the Australian Finance Department’s shocker.


Gays & Guns is produced by the award-winning team behind daily news and culture program, The Feed.


Has The Feed been canned for next year? SBS release says “documentaries from The Feed team”, but no mention of regular nightly episodes?


Of course we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but the press release also didn’t mention SBS World News, Dateline or Insight despite there being a rather high chance of those programs returning to our screens next year.




14 February SBS Viceland


Not sure what to make of this move. On one hand, the new weekly format allows the show to focus on what it does best (long-form stories/features). On the other hand, the previous format (the Monday - Thursday shows) was a unique offering in the news landscape


I think a weekly format would be more cost effective and sustainable, given the show’s FTA ratings.