The Conners

‘Roseanne’ Spinoff ‘The Conners’ Ordered by ABC

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Will be a total failure.

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Can Ten now please broadcast the unaired episodes of the last season of Roseanne?


NO! keep that disgusting woman off our screens please!

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The show won’t feature Roseanne. If it did, I assume it would still be called Roseanne? I think this is good news for the cast, crew and all the people employed on the initial season.

I think jag is referring to airing the remainder of the existing episodes.

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I think they should be aired and don’t have a problem with the reruns airing. We can’t erase history and pretend it never happened, however inconvenient or repulsive individuals might find the past and people in it. In life or media.


Exactly. Plenty of big name TV stars have done far, far worse things (e.g. Bill Cosby, Robert Hughes, Rolf Harris). I just don’t think Roseanne deserves to be put into that category.


Don’t know how I feel about this. The new series was already heavy on Darlene and her family but still, Roseanne was integral.

I too wish someone would air/stream the episodes we didn’t get to see here.

I loved the Darlene character in the original series but she doesn’t seem to have the same sass in the reboot. I also find her kids incredibly annoying even though I enjoy Emma Kenney, the actress who plays her daughter, in Shameless. Roseanne isn’t the greatest actress but she always attracted the biggest laughs. I don’t think the remaining cast can carry the show.

The final episode that aired on ABC had Roseanne popping pain pills and preparing to go into hospital for knee surgery. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the writers have her die on the operating table.

I agree. I predict the opening scene will be the family driving home from her funeral.

It will be interesting to see if they keep the iconic opening theme song/opening credits sequence or go for something different…

I don’t think they will kill her off as Roseanne still holds the rights to the character.

They killed of Dan and he returned to the series.

The press release hints at the character dying. Obviously her absence will have to be explained somehow, what would you suggest?

Glad she’s returning, her character was like a mini Becky :stuck_out_tongue: in the Roseanne Reboot.
I do wish them best with it, I will check out the first episodes for curiousness.

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ABC has announced The Conners will debut in the US on October 16. Will Ten pick up the show for Australia?

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I’d prefer Ten showed the rest of Roseanne first.


First teaser

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