The Cheap Seats

The Cheap Seats.

Premieres Tuesday, 20 July At 9.00pm On 10 And 10 Play On Demand.

From Working Dog, the creators of Have You Been Paying Attention? , comes a Tuesday night companion piece: The Cheap Seats .

Hosted by Have You Been Paying Attention? regulars Melanie Bracewell (ex-New Zealand) and Tim McDonald (ex-Jobseeker), The Cheap Seats takes a comic look back at the week that was.

Major news stories, not-so-major news stories, stories involving cats, entertainment, sport and viral videos, it’s a Reader’s Digest of world events for a generation who simply don’t want to read.

If it was broadcast, released, published, viewed, shared, clicked on, or simply trending for 30-seconds, then it’s likely to be a part of The Cheap Seats .

So get set to experience a new view of the world… from The Cheap Seats .


Great to see new post 8.30 pm Australian content.


Very quick turnaround, but Mel is great and good to see new content… especially in later timeslots.

Definitely better than airing NCIS, Bull and SVU which are duds on the main channel. But gee it’s a pretty quick production if they’re ready to go next week.

Looks like they’re doing it from the spare studio in Melbourne (where they used to do the Moto GP coverage).


Is it 30 minutes or an hour long?

What do we think about the Tuesday night timeslot too, too close to HYBPA?

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Good promo. Will be watching.

Yes! Love the look of this and have long said that ten need to be making better use of the faces on their network. Loooove Melanie but Would have preferred to see tommy little on this.
Hopefully ten have something else in
Mind for him!!!
Will definitely be watching this.
Why oh why they didn’t make use of the masterchef finale lead in tonight to launch this show though?!?!!


I was going to say exactly the same thing. A ‘week that was’ format on a Tuesday is odd too.

Love that there is a new and local post reality show. The format looks to have potential too. The day might need to be shuffled though.


Should be fairly cheap to produce, the set is just the existing 10 Sport studio in the Como studio and that’s the old This Week Live desk.

Would’ve liked to have seen another color used for the show than blue, too similar to HYBPA.

Oh god no. :face_vomiting:


Social accounts:

This show must have been planned in a short time. The first time we first heard of this was the promo during tonight’s MasterChef finale.

Melaine has moved to Australia for the show.

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I’d hazard a guess and say that’s why she was in about 4 back to back episodes of HYBPA when it first returned

Again, so if they were working on it weeks ago, why didn’t it air tonight?!?

It’s very working dog to just dump a show on air like this. Hope it works

Interesting how it’s just appeared out of nowhere. I’m excited! Looks cool and I will be watching!

Let’s keep him on The Project if we have to have him on air.

I’m glad someone finally parodied “The TV Event of the Year” plus all the other reality tropes; does have that Working Dog feel to it. “Tuesdays will never be the same.”


Rehearsal. You want to be satisfied with your format before you chuck it on air.


Tim looks so grown up with that blazer on. Sam Pang can’t tease him in HYBPA anymore :blush:

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