The Chase Australia

I noticed the missing ad break the other night and thought it must have just been a timing issue and for some reason that ep had gone a slight bit longer. Interesting, I really hope we don’t lose the Chase :frowning: It’s the only decent quiz show with enough questions!


Agree. I can’t get into TP. I don’t get the appeal of it, but each to their own. Much prefer The Chase.


We watch it and the kids like it but we certainly don’t watch it for the quiz factor.


That usually indicates the whole team was eliminated and they had to nominate a player to return to play for $4000 in what’s informally known (world wide) as a “Lazarus Chase”. If the solo player wins, the team wins $1,000 each.


Yes, there was definitely a Lazarus round this week, has been a while since I’ve seen one of those.

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Beat The Chasers UK just started in New South Wales and Victoria, from the Beginning.

There’s a Double Trouble episode airing tonight.

So originally contestants 1 and 3 went against the Smiling Assassin and contestants 2 and 4 went against the Supernerd. Tonight contestants 1 and 2 went against the Smiling Assassin and contestants 3 and 4 went against the Supernerd.

Last night’s episode was one of the worst ever. Contestants 1 and 3 who were female both took the low offer in the head to head round. Contestant 1 earnt $4,000 in her cash builder and took the low offer of $500 and got back. She could’ve taken what she earnt though. Contestant 3 got $8,000 in her cash builder and took the low offer of $1,000 and got back. She also could’ve taken what she earnt. Contestants 2 and 4 took what they earnt but got caught. So contestants 1 and 3 played for a low $1,500 in the final chase, got 10 steps and got caught with 40-35 seconds left.

What has that got to do with anything?


My head hurts reading this


They could’ve taken what they earnt. They were both better than the low offer.

One of my competitors from my quiz nights was on tonight. Not one who is a regular these days but it was certainly a bit strange seeing her on there! One day I’ll finish my application to get on there.


Isn’t it irrelevant given they were ultimately caught?

Not really. Imagine if they did win $750 each. That would’ve been a huge disappointment. They could’ve played for $14,000 if they took what they earnt in the head to head round.

Lol in Western Victoria the news headlines failed to show, and instead they showed about 30 seconds of the Smiling Assassin chasing down 15 steps.

Saw a promo today for another new chaser The Professor “after Easter”

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Meet The Professor

Brand new Chaser on The Chase Australia

Prepare to get schooled as The Chase Australia welcomes the most devious, brilliant and unstoppable Chaser the world has ever seen, The Professor, at 5.00pm Monday, 8 April on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Australian game show royalty, 67-year-old David Poltorak aka The Professor brings a lifetime of quizzing experience to The Chase Australia, having served as an adjudicator and question writer on numerous Australian quiz shows.

No stranger to the limelight, David has appeared as a contestant on iconic shows like Sale of the Century, and the Seven Network’s Quiz Master and Beat The Chasers.

Now armed with a dash of daring, a sprinkling of killer intellect and a whole heap of genius, The Professor is ready to dominate The Chase Australia.

David joins a formidable lineup of Chasers: Goliath, The Beast, The Governess, The Smiling Assassin, The Shark, The Supernerd, The Tiger Mum and recent addition The Lightning Bolt.

The Chase Australia is an ITV Studios Australia production for the Seven Network based on the original ITV quiz show.

The Chase Australia Continues 5pm weekdays on Channel 7 and 7plus


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