The Blacklist


So what do we think? Is Liz dead or do you agree with online theories that her death has been faked by Mr Kaplan to protect Liz?

NBC has ordered a spin-off of the show, to be called The Blacklist: Redemption, for the 2016-17 season. It star Famke Janssen (X-Men, GoldenEye, Taken) and Ryan Eggold from the original series.

When Will Seven air the new series anytime soon???

Current schedule shows double episode for first two weeks at least.

Netflix appears to be uploading the latest episodes of The Blacklist hours after they have aired on Seven.

Good Idea

Season 5 premieres next Monday (October 2) at 10.30pm, four days after the US.

NBC has announced that season 6 will premiere over two nights in the first week of January 2019 in America. Episode 1 is on January 3 and episode 2 is on January 4. Expect Seven to show it in late January or early February once its Big Bash League commitments finish.

Upcoming special:

Sunday 10 February (really early Monday)

00:10 AM Special: Behind The Blacklist: Season 6

A special behind the scenes look at The Blacklist, ahead of its sixth season premiere.

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Must mean The Blacklist is premiering soon.


The show has been renewed for the seventh season.

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The Blacklist Redemption is exclusively on 7plus !

watched the first ep, great so far.

Yay, go Seven!!

With season 7 taking a three month long midseason break from December to March 2020, it looks like Seven is holding back the show until the start of 2020, so that it can air new episodes every week without pre-emptions in America.

Seven has now market The Blacklist - Season 7 as “coming soon”.


Thought this must be very soon to airing.

Season 7 will be shown on 7TWO from March 24.

EDIT: promo from Prime7:

EDIT 2 (12/4): back on main channel tonight.


UPDATE 12/7: the hybrid episode will air on Seven next Sunday (July 19) at 11.20pm.

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The best drama still on tv by a mile. A testament they’ve been able to keep it going this far and still going.