The Big Music Quiz

New promo aired tonight, saying the program will start after the Rio Olympics. Good decision.

Synopsis for episode 1

Play along at home as two teams of celebrities face off on their knowledge of popular music in this next generation game show hosted by Darren McMullen.

Tonight’s guests Alec Snow, Dave Gleeson, Ella Hooper, Emily Taheny, Giaan Rooney, Kris Smith, Lawrence Mooney and Melanie Vallejo do battle in rounds including Unlikely Covers, Headphone Heroes, Personal Playlist and Twisted Tunes.

Unlikely Covers guest: The Madin brothers on their musical “Umbrella Bikes”.


I am tipping August 28.

Noticed jai waetford in the promos. He looked lost. Which is what I think this show will look like.

In episode 2.

The biggest problem with this seems to be the host. Darren McMullen isn’t up to the task, he isn’t funny (and the show is basically supposed to be a comedy) and he seems lost without a script.

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The Big Music Quiz looks much better when you see the longer promo :grinning:

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The promo is great but I still think it will flop. If not initially then eventually.


I have seen the first two episodes of this show. The execution for the show is a good idea and everything was set for this to possibly be very good. However, it is one of the worst shows to watch on tv in 2016. You will see what I mean when you watch in full. Plain awful :frowning: So disappointed. This had so much potential.

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The Big Music Quiz will premiere next Sunday 28 August at 7.00pm.

and will last 2 weeks before Music Quizzes That Make You LOL replaces it.


I would’ve thought that this show is something you’d put on mid-week. Having it as a flagship Sunday night program? Good grief…

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I guess it is something completely different to what is already on air on Sundays. I will likely give it a go at some point. I’m not sure seven have full confidence in it to air it on Sundays. Obviously they have an easy replacement in Sunday Night.

Oh no!:cry:

Shame it’s not Saturday night. I’d give it a go as a warm up to Rockwiz.


yep. Saturday nights are crying out for decent TV on Freeview… couldn’t agree more.


Do many people watch TV on a Saturday night? I would have thought movies would be better up against sport. I don’t watch much TV on Saturday night as I’m usually out or watching the football.

It’s not 1994 anymore. There’s no point spending big bucks on original content for Saturday nights.

If you haven’t got some live sport, movies or reality reruns are your best bet.


I’m not worried about the ratings I’m worried about what I’d like to watch lol