The Bachelor Australia

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Casting Nick as this year’s Bachelor could only be an attempt to attract more male viewers as 99% of women would have absolutely no idea who he is and, it is highly likely, the majority of them wouldn’t find him particularly appealing. Ten may attract male viewers but they risk losing a lot of the loyal female audience.


So you’re not going to watch The Badgelor?

Just heard on Fitzy and Wippa that he is on The Project tonight.


They also said it on the project last night


The only thing I know him from are the Bonds ads.


Strange to hear Nick Cummins as the new The Bachelor discussed on ABC Radio Brisbane this morning. Extremely rare to even mention the name of a commercial TV program. They even played clips of some of his Aussie idioms.


Can men apply? Nick Cummings ticks several major boxes of mine, so I wish to fight for him amongst the girls as equals.


Buried towards end of story:

It’s understood Cummins, nicknamed ‘the Honey Badger’, 30, beat the likes of Jason Dundas and ex-Bachelorette contestant Cameron Cranley to be named this season’s Bachelor.


Do we need to have that sort of filth on breakfast radio? How do we even know that caller is fair dinkum and not one of the staff on that show with a bullshit story?


Are you calling for proof?


I’m sure Kyle will relentlessly search for it. After all, his radio ratings just dropped so the shock tactics have begun, to boost them again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm what that caller said on the radio was at the top of your list Tom? :wink:
Personally would’ve preferred Jason Dundas! :blush:


I fkn love you jbar

comments from my m8s seem quite happy (definitely because badger is a mad cunt and may drive up numbers from Union fans and Perth people, I am so keen for this season!


Nick Cummins has started filming the new season, one week after he was revealed as the new Bachelor. There are some photos on the Herald Sun website (warning: spoilers).


Why do they have to spoil it again?


That looks like a proposal. Practicing for the final episode?


I really think Ten made a bad decision here.


I agree about that.


Why? Dundas would be terrible. He has fronted two ratings duds - The Big Adventure and The X Factor in recent years. He also gives off a somewhat fake persona compared with someone like Nick Cummins who I think will be quite down to earth.


It’s doesn’t necessarily matter what he’s done previously - Sophie Monk had previously been involved in some average rating shows too (Celeb Apprentice, AGT) but still managed to capture viewers on this. Dundas more fits the mould of the type of guy that you would expect on The Bachelor - he’s young, good looking and successful plus a recognisable face to a fair lot of people. He also is a very likeable guy too. For me that makes him much more suited than this oddball Rugby dude.


I think getting a rugby player in will be more likely to draw new viewers across (ie - male/sports loving fans). Jason Dundas fits the profile for sure, but as we saw with Sophie diversifying the format from the standard mould a bit can work quite well.

Personally, I’d love them to cast quite an older person for one season in to mix things up a bit.