The Amazing Race

I think the idea is, if you have 7plus, why wait for the late night screening when you can stream each new episode at around 6pm Sydney/Melbourne time on Thursdays?

We get it. But the point is if you’re directing your audience to 7plus before the broadcast then you’ll hurt your ratings.

A viewer is a viewer … they will watch the adverts that you are selling


I have never seen the question answered as to the difference in revenue per viewer between broadcast and online.

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BVOD numbers are included in ratings now - so does it really make a difference how they watch it? Giving more options might in fact entice more viewers to watch the season that otherwise may not stay up late to watch it each week.

The remaining teams were in Colombia across two episodes. In episode 3 last week, the teams started the leg by climbing to the top of the observation deck atop El Peñón de Guatapé to retrieve their detour task clue. In episode 4 this week, the teams began the leg in Medellin, travelling to the base of escalators at Comuna 13 for the detour task clue.

Fans of The Amazing Race Australia will have been familiar with these two locations. In the 11th leg of season 6, teams travelled from Medellin International Airport to El Peñón de Guatapé and climbed the stairs to the observation deck to get the detour clue, and the pit stop was located at Fonda Familia 13 in Comuna 13.


Season 36 finale has been set for Wednesday May 15 in the US - Thursday May 16 on 7flix and Seven in Australia.

I apologise if this has been discussed in the past, but I was wondering how the person filming the contestants can get footage if a team has made an error without tipping them off.

I know each team has a someone on camera and a sound person who are with them all the time, but is there perhaps an additional camera following them around and they’re tipped off by the team’s support crew? Years ago one of the contestants dropped their passport and there was footage of it on the ground. I’m curious how they could get footage but not let the team know.

So many questions after the last episode. Did the team get eliminated because their crew got lost? A first for the race and very unfair it seems.

I saw the episode on 7flix last night and was still puzzled out about that team being eliminated because it lost contact with its crew.

I wonder if it was only for the particular leg in Barbados that each team was assigned a camera operator and audio technician, or because of the type of vehicle the producers rented for the teams (a small open SUV which has only two seats). Normally, each team is assigned a sedan, a hatch, or a large SUV, which has minimum four seats, allowing a camera operator to sit on the rear seat of the car.

I have only watched the first 30mins but I appreciate this spoiler because they were my favourite team so I’m happy to be forewarned of their elimination. The camera crew would’ve known they’d lost the team so why didn’t they just pull over and wait for them? I’ll watch the rest of the episode tonight and I’ll give my opinion afterwards.

I’m not happy about this and it does seem unfair. From what I can see the only error Angie and Danny made was getting into the wrong lane at the roundabout. I’m assuming that the crew thought they’d exited because they saw them in the turning lane and so they turned off too, but surely when they realised they could no longer see them they should’ve pulled over and tried to contact them by radio.

It feels like there was a gap here. One minute you see them talking on the radio and then entering the roundabout, then suddenly they’re no longer able to contact each other.

And if Danny is correct when he said that teams were told to go to the next detour if they lost their crew, then surely that must mean the crew was lost and not Angie and Danny? Angie and Danny aren’t the first team to mess up while they’re driving so I don’t understand why they were penalised.

Season Final is fast tracked to 7Flix

Thursday 16 May 9:30pm with later broadcast on main channel that night.

One racer receives the surprise of a lifetime after their elimination. Then, in the final leg, the remaining three teams get schooled in American history to win $1 million.

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I feel something is odd since it’s a double episode finale but Seven has only allocated a single episode timeslot.

If each episode goes for 90 minutes including ads, that means we won’t see the winning team revealed until around 12.20am on 7flix (or at around 2.30am on Friday on main channel!).

It will be better if Seven shows the double episodes on 7flix on the Thursday, then on main channel on both Thursday and Friday nights.

UPDATE 15/5: official synopsis from CBS says it is a single episode, meaning season 36 only has ten episodes in total.

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There was an exciting update for one of the five remaining teams.

Melissa and Yvonne moved in together, and on March 8 this year (five days before season 36 premiered), Melissa gave birth to a girl named Vivian Rose.

After Amber and Vinny came last at the pitstop at Wilson’s Bar at Dominican Republic, Vinny proposed to Amber on the beach in front of Phil and the local greeter. Amber said yes.

Result of the finale

Ricky and Shane dominated the season, winning 7 out of 11 legs including the final leg in Philadelphia. Juan and Shane came second (their accidental trip to New Jersey cost them valuable time) and Rob and Leticia came third.

Interestingly, the final two challenges had nothing to do with previous legs. They were related to the American Revolutionary War and the founding of United States.

Interview with the winning team

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