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If they aired it that early, Jim would have to tone down much of his trademark humour

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The show debuts Wednesday, April 26 at 7.30pm, according to end note of an interview with Jim Jefferies in today’s Stellar magazine inside News Corp papers.


Admittedly I am interested in the concept, will give it a try. I don’t have a clue who the host is, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as will have an open mind.

It’s a tough timeslot for the premiere episode up against the new season of Travel Guides. Perhaps for the first episode it could have been given a post reality timeslot like on ANZAC Tuesday when Seven should have a big post afternoon AFL audience. Instead of wasting it on a US drama.

“Aussie Comedy Superstar” :thinking:

Certainly…stretching it…

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Since Jim has filmed comedy shows on Comedy Central and Netflix (which is no mean feat), then yes he is a comedy superstar.

I’m not bashing him I think he must be well known but I wouldn’t say superstar.


Never heard of him. Just watched the promo, looks awful.

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Of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The show/host I’m not sure about, I’ll wait until I see the program, but I like the kind of brain teaser puzzles they’ve included. Whether they translate to a tv show remains to be seen.


I think Seven have made a mistake with the host on this. The show could have been fine without a comedian; it is interesting enough as a quiz where you can play along even if you don’t know any general knowledge but can just solve some logic puzzles - some of which are laughably easy. The worst part of the show is the attempts by Jefferies to be funny that generally fall flat or seem at best rude. The target of the jokes is the contestants. I think there will be initial interest by it will rapidly fade. Should have kept it as a game show and gone with a more personable host.


I thought that might be the case when I heard he had been chosen. Jefferies is known for his edgy humour and this doesn’t seem to be the right vehicle for his talent.


10 minutes in, and he hasn’t been funny yet.

Also, only two questions have been made so far too. Meant to be slow paced with the questions?

Enjoying the show, but not the host. He’s a bit too shouty, and un-funny.


Why is he shouting so much, they should adjust his microphone.

It’s picked up pace.

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The show had a “slow start”, but agree that it did pick up some pace.

The questions were great, and certainly did get harder as the show went on (duh, that is the premise of the show. lol).

Jim was shouting a little too much, and shouldn’t focus too much in reading the autocue.

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