Thank God You’re Here (2023)

Teasers seen during the Formula One coverage

Confirmed for a return of the comedy series to network 10.


So so so happy that this is returning. Hopefully Tom remains as the judge.


I am happy with this news too. A pleasant surprise.

Shane Bourne isn’t returning as host. I hope they find the right person to host.

Tom should return as the judge. Ed Kavalee was part of the ensemble team in the initial run, but probably wont return in that role as he hasn’t done much acting in a while


Maybe Julia Morris, to stop her defecting too?

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It’s a good time for TGYH to return with a whole generation of really funny comedians emerging since the show’s initial iteration ended who would shine going through the blue door.


I’m thinking the host may be one of the Working Dog favorites from Have You been Paying Attention? They like keeping things in house so to speak.

This is really good comedy entertainment and works with 10s prime time strategy.

They really need to have Australian content Sun-Thurs that is not repeats and that there are two shows anchoring the night rather than just one.


Perhaps a role for Shaun Micallef. Some of the stars from Mad as Hell would be suitable.


I saw the blue door during 10’s F1 telecast and thought: what was that?

Pleased to hear the show is returning after a 14 year hiatus.

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It’s good that it’s been this long. A good number of years has passed to make it feel fresh for a new generation.


I can just see Anne Edmonds character Helen Bidou bursting through the door :joy:

I can imagine Christie Whelan Brown will be cast as a regular and some of the Taskmaster comedians.


So happy, used to be one of my favourite shows, have a couple of DVD collections collecting dust somewhere, I stopped watching when it infamously moved to Seven. Bourne and Gleisner were what made it. I also liked some of the regular actors though, not necessarily the guests/comedians, some have still popped up on Aussie dramas and telemovies since. In its peak around the mid-2000s, I recall this was a smash hit, one of the most watched regular shows on TV.


What about Jane Kennedy as host, keeping it in the Working Dog family?


Ten returning to the well that is Working Dog - hope its successful, because these returns to shows of old can damage their legacy


Probably the greatest new show/reboot news that has come out in recent times. I haven’t heard a bad thing about the show so I reckon it could do very well.

Surprised it’s taken this long for a network to revisit this.

No no no no noooooooooooo


I think Shaun Micallef would be a great choice as host. Maybe Jane Kennedy or Tom or Rob Sitch as judge.


I like Julia Morris but I don’t think she would be a good fit as host but could do the improv I’m sure. I can’t recall if she did the original TGYH?

I like the suggestions of Micallef as host.

Knowing Ten it will probably be Osher :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I hear Grant Denyer is looking for a job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doubt it was of the networks choice. Working Dog have a history of being highly protective their brands from overexposure. The Panel would also be overdue for another look in if it was not owned by WD.


Does anyone remember if TGYH was live to air originally?