Ten's 4th channel

It may never happen but if it does what could it be ?

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Something to do with Foxtel. A teaser channel of some sort.

Maybe even a return to ONE HD, rebranded as Fox Sports 10 :slight_smile:

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They’d turf one of the infomercial channels (most likely 15 Spree TV, can’t see TVSN going anytime soon) to make room for the new channel, surely?

Ten may need a New 24 Hour News Channel sharing Sources with AAP, and Regional Affiliates Southern Cross and Win Television Regional News Services.

They don’t have the cash right? I mean their shares have been plummeting as well.

Haha ones done and now we are on to the other :stuck_out_tongue:

Might as well have said them as they probably would’ve come up at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see 10 make a “revolutionary” news channel even if they shared resources, but knowing them they’d cut most of the bulletins after a few months and then replay the 5pm news every hour of the day lol

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True. Tap angry shareholders for even more money.

Like I said, surely Foxtel will be involved. They have the capital

I actually think Ten needs to reevaluate ONE and ELEVEN. (maybe even rebranded each channel to fit in line with the Ten network brand.

TEN Eleven

It will almost definitely be Sky10 News

Hopefully something that adds to the selection of channels rather than another general entertainment channel like 9Life or 7Flix. The ideal would also be something that doesn’t cannibalise their existing channels. Much as I dislike Sky News, I think a 10 News version could work on both counts.

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TEN Eleven?
TEN One?

Would be weird.

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Maybe “Ten + 1” would be a good name for Eleven? :wink:

But seriously, I think that the Seven/Nine-style of channel branding would work a lot better if the main channel was One rather than Ten but I can’t see that happening ever.

1 - 10HD
11 younger skewing
12 (rebranded one) male skewing
13 female skewing

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I would like to see all networks move their HD channel to the main LCN so that LCNs 2, 3, 7, 9 and 10 were in HD with the SD channel shunted off to 21, 31, 71, 91 and 12 for example.


That’s the long term plan but if they did that now they would piss off a lot of people that don’t pick up the 'new" HD. My new TV set does but my two older sets don’t.

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I think it would improve the uptake or at least the use of any HD channels. I suspect (based on a few glimpses of ratings numbers over the past few years) that even when there is a HD simulcast, viewers can’t be bothered or don’t realise that there is a better picture available on 70 or 90 etc (though it seems that some can’t even tell the difference anyway!).

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I still think networks here would be well served with main channel timeshifts.

Foxtel often get a +2 channel airing of a show outrating the original air, I’m sure Ten could boost up their shares on people who want to watch a show on Ten, but pick something on another network over it.

Fox Sports on 10 with ONE downgraded to SD.

Fox Sports on 10

Ten already have a two general entertainment channels with One a male-skewed channel and Eleven a youth-skewing channel. No chance 10 will make a Ten News channel after that infamous “News Revolution” rebrand in January 2011 which led to 10’s decline from 2012-14.

With 10 now resurgence, a fourth channel is a long shot.

How about a kids channel? General entertainment, lifestyle and now apparently movies are covered, and Ten only has to compete with ABC2/3.