Not sure which thread this best belongs, but this is how we see the tennis in South Korea (sorry, only photo, no capture equipment conveniently available) Always brings a smile to my face when I see people complaining about Win’s watermark.

AO logo obliterated by the JTBC3/Fox Sports watermark.
Below that is a promotion for Under 23 Asian Football Confederation match (S.Korea v Australia) which pops in and out every 30 seconds or so.
Bottom right is their own AO watermark & program title (2018 Australian Open, Mens’ Round 1) Nearly all Korean TV has the program name permanently on screen.

Bottom stripe is promoting upcoming day’s games

Players names is a cover up of the English names on the standard Tennis Australia graphics, and are manually put up, always tad late, but I imagine a bugger of a job to do all day.

This is from Monday. Tried to get a capture from last night, but the dang match was over before I got home.


i know THAT Asia’s water marks can make watching tv very had


Caroline Wozniacki is now the world No. 1 after winning the Australian Open tonight, she was the world No.1 from October 2010 for 67 weeks.


Trending No. 2 worldwide on Twitter (probably No. 1 soon as certain countries wake up & story develops):

Top story on all Australian mastheads (News Corp’s others is same as HS one):



Best Aus Open I can remember, certainly for quite some time, especially both finals!

We’re into a 5th set, Seven can’t believe their luck for a 2nd year in a row :cold_sweat:

Cilic VERY impressive, a real fighter. But my money’s still on Federer.

Want to see him get his 20th :trophy:


They replaced Kia Man! Horrible replacement too


What a win for Federer, his 20th Grand Slam title. After four competitive sets, Cilic ran out of steam in the fifth set.
Australian Open organisers gave Federer a tweet as a present too:

Nice one Roger! #RF20


I know!



Federer is the best,great match last night,it’s a shame I fell asleep about half way through :confused:had to be up very early yesterday morning


I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned it (or noticed), but this year’s Aus Open was the first without iconic Melbourne V/O Craig Willis.

He’d done it every year for many years.

He’s also the AFL’s long-time V/O and Seven’s network V/O for AFL sponsor billboards.

Sad, I missed his voice!


I read his wife had passed away last year and he took a year off. He’s still active doing the Bourke Street memorial service last week. Maybe he’ll do Davis Cup this weekend.


Extraordinary! I think she does become a ‘sore loser’ when it comes to intense finals battles, for some reason always at her home event the US Open.

Agree with everything veteran 2GB tennis correspondent Craig Gabriel said on 3AW’s Sports Sunday some minutes ago, Serena was out of line on so many fronts, so disappointing for Naomi Osaka, the first Japanese US Open champion :pensive:


Wimbledon putting an end to marathon matches. Not a bad compromise in my opinion. Better than the US version. Will we follow?


Didn’t realise Hisense is now “Melbourne Arena”


Yes - the Australian Open will introduce a final set tie-break from next year. As posted in Nine tennis coverage thread:


Yep, Hisense got free naming rights for quite a while. TA are paying for the incredibly unimaginative name (as they do with Margaret Court Arena but not Rod Laver).

Lost opportunity for MOPT and government to honour a cyclist I feel, given the venue is also a velodrome.


The name is great publicity though, for the city that holds what is undoubtedly the biggest sport event Australia holds each year on a global scale (the same name is also on all the courts for many many years now).


The tournament is already held in Melbourne Park (which was Flinders Park until the egomaniac Kennett decided to rename it) and Melbourne is plastered on every court. Renaming what is now the third show court (despite a larger capacity than MCA) after the host city reeks of desperation.

Is the US Open played at New York Arena, French at the Paris Arena or Wimbledon at the London Arena?


Was reminded that the Aus Open women’s final used to be played in day time on the 2nd Saturday (was this year - Sharapova 2008 the last time?)

NB/ Bruce also hosting, a comment I made earlier in another thread, how he was removed from calling for a few years. Matt White hosted prime time, before him and Bruce swapped a year later I recall for him to take over from Anna on TT.


Last day time men’s final was 2004 (Federer giving Safin a clip).