Can’t believe there wasn’t already a general tennis discussion (the sport / matches themselves) thread.

Should make life easier for mods too (i.e.) Seven Tennis thread which is for the broadcast/coverage discussion.


Go Alex De Minaur!

Slayed the first set in tonight’s Sydney International final.

A cracker set now, as opponent from Russie Medvedev lifts his game.

What a player this kid will be, next week will be intetesting.


This is some comeback match!


Bad luck Alex De Minaur, you’ll go far :clap:


Have to laugh a little at Bencic, whinging about it now being a little heavy and humid, after asking for the roof to be closed.

It’s cold and gloomy in Melbourne today (dry and sunny from tomorrow onwards thankfully), so not sure that’ll change much.

The chair umpire waving her arms around like “what do you expect me to do, go tinker with the air con” :joy:




Talk of boycotts and strikes, and demands for better pay, as Novak Djokovic reportedly wants to setup a player’s union. It is claimed the ATP is not adequately representing player’s welfare due to conflicting interests, having to also satisfy the demands of tournament organisers.


The Melbourne crowd heckling a player, and Todd Woodbridge telling viewers to turn off Channel 7. Time for Melbourne and Seven to lose the tennis if they can’t respect the players?


Dasha imploding, it’s into the stratosphere

FFS !!?

I’m sure you’re being facetious, but none the less, let’s calm down a bit eh


This match is crazy, wow :disappointed_relieved: Best of the comp, certainly that I’ve seen in terms of everything


Bad luck Kyrgios :pensive:

Had his chances, 3 excruciating tie break losses. But what another epic match! Kyrgios has certainly changed, will do him good, a friendly match and a great hug at the end.

Full credit to Dimitrov :clap:

And so another year with no aussies in Week 2


At least we have Groth/Hewitt in the doubles still!


Big upsets tonight.

Tennys Sandgren & Hyeon Chung have beaten David Thiem & Novak Djokovic respectively.

New stars are born, so good for tennis, fresh blood is needed (no offence to the legends like Federer and Nadal still going strong).


Not many know this but he is an alt right supporter apparently


What an amazing contest tonight, the shots are incredible


Poor Nadal, forced to retire in the fifth set of tonight’s clash against Cilic. Nadal was hurting towards the end of fourth set.


Kyle EDmund also beat Grigor Dimitrov today to progress to the semi finals.


Yes, Nadal’s health snow balled rapidly around 11pm, such a shock, sad for him.

Federer the only ‘Big 4’ remaining in Quarter Finals, first time since 2007 (which he also won).


Congratulations to Dylan Alcott on winning his 4th Australian Open Quad Singles Wheelchair title this afternoon!


What a match! High quality tennis here :tennis:

Seven execs must be gleaming, finally we’ve got an epic Women’s Final. Going to a 3rd set, this will be interesting, world 1 v 2.