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I like it. It’s different.

And clearly so do management.


Of course you would like it ! :joy:


Yes, on the Gold Coast then onto weather for Qld regionals.

“You stay classy Brisbane” tomorrow night?


Came across Cynic’s YouTube clip of Natasha Belling finishing up on the Weekend News.

Having once been a regular viewer of the bulletin and a fan of the brand in the late 2000s, it has a history of presenter and format changes in a not very long amount of time. Notably dropping the late edition of Sports Tonight altogether by the mid-2000s and Tracy Spicer vacating the role, where various presenters have come and gone since, including Steve Liebmann and Bill Woods.

Interestingly, she said “over a decade”, however she wasn’t actually appointed to the role until returning from maternity leave in 2009 (May or June, I have the VHS recording somewhere), Kath Robinson had filled-in the months beforehand including Black Saturday. Bill Woods had been the presenter the previous two years, with Belling filling-in every now and again for some years. Liebmann presented for much of 2006.

Matt Doran joined her in late 2011. Then there was the period of the failed “Wake Up” in 2013, of which she left the Weekend role and Hermione Kitson took over for less than a year. Oddly, Mike Munro was brought into the mix, presenting during much of 2014, where seemingly Natasha took on less hours at the network, just doing guest appearances on Studio 10?

And now Chris Bath is replacing her, who is a seasoned journo, but not sure if entirely necessary other than an attempt to boost ratings, which tbh looking at Jennifer Keyte poached from Seven in Melbourne hadn’t done anything. As for Belling it kind of seems like a demotion for Studio 10 news?

Trip down memory lane over :blush:


I like it, but even better would be similar to some stations in the US:

“We know you have many choices for local news and we thank you for choosing Ten News First. Brisbane’s #4.”

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Joe Hill presents with an air of ease and flow, something that couldn’t be said for Amber Austin-Wright, who needs some work.

glances around



Nick Etchells presenting news again this weekend.
With Emma Lawrence presenting sport and Georgia Love presenting weather.


I just saw. he looks. different to how I remember seeing him last on TV.


Anyone know if Neil Kearney (Seven Sport) and Annie Kearney (10 news Melbourne) are related? (Sorry if this is a known thing and it’s only just clicked with me)


Yes Neil is Annie’s father.


Judging by the latest update, Rebecca Morse is back on deck in Adelaide tonight.


Stephen Quartermain is presenting in Melbourne this week with Caty Price presenting sport and Georgia Love presenting weather.

Lachlan Kennedy is presenting in Sydney again this week with Matt Burke back presenting sport and Amanda Hart presenting weather.


Monday (07.01.2019) - Friday (11.01.2019): Joe Hill is presenting in Queensland again this week. Veronica Eggleton is presenting sport and Pippa Sheehan is presenting the weather.


31st December 2018 - 4th January 2019
Chiara Zaffino presented in Perth.

7th - 11th January 2019
Chiara is also presenting this week.


I’m not sure why they’re persisting with Chiara when they have 2 other far superior presenters available if Narelda is away.


Who is the other two, may I ask?


Natalie Forrest & Lee Steele.


The fill ins are Nat Forrest and Chiara Zaffino at the moment, as Lee Steele is on maternity leave