Ten News First Presenters and Reporters (2015-Sept 2020)

Discussion of presenters and reporters on Ten Eyewitness News.

Continues from the old forums

Lachlan Kennedy will be presenting the national bulletins until the local editions return.

28.12.15-01.01.16: Brad McEwan presenting sport with Amanda Jason back doing the weather.

Is Brad back in Sydney for the national bulletin?

Yes, which was great to see. Lachlan joked about something along those lines with McEwan. He really is a great presenters.

Didn’t Brad go to Sydney for national bulletin in December last year?

To be honest I was quite surprised when I saw Brad McEwan presenting tonight and also I was a bit dissapointed about no sports presenter on the Sunday

Sun 27.12.15? I am pretty certain Adam Hawse presented LIVE from the Big Bash

I’d imagine so as she has been filling in on Studio 10 (before they went to taped episodes) and will continue until Sarah returns from Maternity leave, so i imagine they are using the time while that show isn’t live to give her a break.

The show is still live…

Studio 10 is on tape until Jan 4.

Pretty sure it isn’t. They usually tape from Christmas week through to New Years. It appears that they are live but they aren’t. Case in point, on yesterdays show if it was live they would have mentioned the death of Stevie Wright but they didn’t.

As @TVHead said, its taped until Jan 4.

Interesting. Could have sworn I tuned into the topics segment yesterday and they discussed something that was on the Andrews Angels segment on Sunrise. Oh well. Sorry guys!

I didn’t see anyone at all presenting the 5.40 sports news. No Matt Burke, no Scott Mackinnon and certainly no Adam Hawse

Maybe he was doing an OB on Saturday. It was definitely on Saturday or Sunday he was on location for the Big Bash. Are you saying Lachlan did it?

Adam Hawse presented sport from the BB05. There has been a sports presenter every night, either Adam or Brad. Christmas day was the only day they didn’t have a weather presenter. Lachlan read the weather.

Adam Hawse was in the studio on Boxing Day.

Are you sure? As for one I didn’t see Adam Hawse presenting on the Sunday as all I got was Lachlan Kennedy presenting sport

Didn’t Kimberley Soekov (neé Harper) present the national bulletins over Christmas & New Year, last year and/or the year before?

Isn’t she returing soon?

[quote=“LukeMovieMan, post:20, topic:168, full:true”]
Didn’t Kimberley Soekov present the national bulletins over Christmas & New Year, last year and/or the year before?

Isn’t she returing soon?
[/quote]She should be back and will be a good replacement for Tarsh who has been confirmed as the maternity relief for Sarah Harris on Studio 10. Lachlan Kennedy definitely presented on Christmas Day in 2012 and I think again in 2013. Soekov I think did it last year.

Kimberley was definitely used during the New Years Eve week, yes, probably last year.

I reember her talking about major fireworks sites around Australia

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