Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Since Lachlan Kennedy moved back to Sydney, he is Georgie’s main relief in Brisbane.

They think he is God’s gift. Every time I watch him, I think how much Nine News Queensland would love him.


Friday -

Lachlan Kennedy presenting in Sydney with Emma Lawrence presenting sport.
Lachlan also read the weather forecast tonight.

EDIT- Lachlan said the link to Scott Tweedie failed so he read the weather forecast.


Joe Hill?


Can you link the tweet?


Yikes. Talk about a talent drought.

Bring him over, Sandgroper to Banana bender, there’s little difference.



Ahh yes josh Murphy was a former state political reporter in NSW for ten. He moved to work at Macquarie street. How very sad.


What a terrible Christmas for Josh’s family, friends and colleagues. Best wishes to all.


Tribute from Gabby Boyle.


Big shock. Far too young. RIP.


Nick Etchells is presenting 10 News First again this weekend with Caty Price presenting sport and Scott Tweedie presenting weather.


Nick Etchells giving a quick speech about Josh Murphy.

Might I add, Nick is a great newsreader. Hope that he gets a permanent stint next year.


Yes, he’s a good talent.

Unfortunately there really isn’t much to present at TEN.


Actually nothing for him to present with only one bulletin a day.


Scott Tweedie with weather again this weekend, tonight from Burleigh Beach on the Gold Coast, I don’t mind this more relaxed style of presentation over summer.

I think if they’re going to do it live on location, it would be better if when they returned from the last break the presenter threw to them rather than the delay and the weather presenter introducing themselves.

Also there was a short delay in switching to the weather graphics and you can see Scott reaching for his notes to read the forecast after he finished the interview.


Nick has improved immensely since his days at Seven.

Who would you prefer as a fill in for the Melbourne bulletin?
1.Nick Etchells
2.Candice Wyatt
3.Stephen Quartermain


Agreed over the holiday period it’s fine,too me it feels like l am watching a breakfast weather presenter.
In saying that Scott would actually be a great breakfast show weather presenter on another network.


Weather from on location looks rediculous for a 3 hour old bulletin for Perth!



I suppose that will just get better when Perth gets their own weekend bulletin next year.