Ten News First Presenters and Reporters



Mike’s farewell was uploaded to the 10 News First YouTube channel, but disappointedly, they wrote " Mike Larkan’s Farewell After 25 Year" as the title.

All in all, a really shameful send-off to such a legend in the 10 family.


Charlotte Goodlet is presenting weather and Emma Lawrence is presenting sport again this weekend.


About 20% of the workforce up there.

yeah it is live, I also managed to see him in person (didn’t get on the telly though :cold_sweat:)


EXCLUSIVE: Narelda Jacobs to present 10 News First Perth from Sydney, Lachy Reid will present sport from Perth on a temporary basis, Josh Holt will present weather & Charlotte Goodlet will be her back up.


I hope thats the case, but if so its long days for her. 8am-12pm on Studio 10 then 10 News First Perth from 7-8.30pm AEST.


She will need a nanny nap in the afternoon. :wink:

But seriously, with all these redundancies, I can see newsreaders and hosts being really stretched and 10 finding it difficult to find fill-in staff.


Long day for her then, 8-12pm on Studio 10 and then 7-8:30pm AEST for Perth news.

Surely not?

If they were going to do this they could have kept Natarsha on Studio 10.

I would’ve preferred that, Tarsh is amazing but also expensive I would say.

If Narelda is willing to work a split shift and a long day, then there must be benefits for the network having her do both roles.

Surprised they’d keep it under wraps if that was the case however, it’s a good selling point for Perth.

I guess they didn’t want it to overshadow the sadness of losing the whole presenting team in the west however.


The more i think about it, the more I think the reason Tarsh was let go was because she was outspoken on a lot of things, and as TV Blackbox said, 10 dont want any controversy. Hence why they axed Joe & KAK (Who would have been cheaper to keep as she just signed a new contract which they have to pay out)

Not like rants every day, but she was very passionate about some topics.

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She can’t do Studio 10 and 10 News First Perth in the long run. They need to get someone else for Studio 10.

Very much doubt it, she was just expensive.


True, that was probably the major factor. I’m just sure it didnt help, thats all :slight_smile:

And even longer hours in 3 weeks time.


At least Perth viewers will have one familiar face back on their screens so it’s good news!


@lachlan_kennedy would be my pick if they did move Narelda from Studio 10. He’s proven himself when he has filled in before.

Yeah I can see that happening, is he back in Sydney these days?