Ten News First Content and Appearance

10 marketing is beyond bad. I don’t know who runs their marketing but how they keep the job is beyond me


Might as well just air test pattern. Honestly the stupid morons can’t do anything.

Absolute garbage.

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10 makes some fantastic shows and does some great creative promos

Where they fall down continuously is overall strategy

Over and over again


Really mate? Surely you can see this is a poor launch promotion.

Yeah, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Everyone involved should get sacked.

I would argue if you’re not going to do something well, don’t bother. Save it

You take it so personally.

Can I ask what you think 10 don’t do well in?

His posts can’t be for real.
I think he’s just here to post garbage and laugh at us all engaging him seriously. That’s my only take

I genuinely try to engage maturely with him and attempt to understand his reasoning and rational but he’s just so dismissive and sarcastic and willing to always defend 10 even when it’s clear as day they need a change of guard.

Sarcastic immature and I think baiting us all for a laugh.

And yet you are not the polar opposite? The cognitive dissonance in a few members here is absolutely incredible.

Just because it’s not what YOU think THEY should be doing.

The thing is though most of what they do doesn’t work… you cannot deny or twist that fact.

Never have.

10 was imploded by Murdoch - so much so that it was ground into administration WHILE IT WAS STILL SOLVENT because two billionaires spat their dummies - then it bounced back briefly when CBS bought in… but with their internal turmoil and eventual merger back with Paramount and international was handed over from the TV network to the production arm it’s gone downhill… to below zero.

BUT, the staff working there are doing the best they can with what they have. There is no budget for anything more than cut and paste promo.


Actually put 100 News promotion marketing experts in a room who know how to move the needle on news ratings via 10 second promos - and NO ONE would argue that’s an effective promo

So you’ve just admitted to the promo to being “a cut and paste job” (which is quite an accurate description) but yet you jump on the defence bandwagon when others call it out for what it is.

I don’t get it?

I never said it wasn’t.

I responded to your bullshit. Yours and Kick-It

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But what’s the bullshit? We are saying the same thing. The promotion of the new bulletin is poor.

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What bullshit?

Do you think that’s an effective 10 Second promo?

He doesn’t. He said it was “a cut and paste promo”.

How’s that any different to what we are saying?

I’m not following this at all…

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Most of what Lexington posts is emotionally defensively driven. Not a lot of logic to follow