Ten News and Current Affairs

Interesting angle shot from a Ten News Perth bulletin from 2003.

Courtesy: AusVHSarchive

Some interesting observiations:

  • with Perth being 3 hours behind Sydney, where the bulletin was produced, you can notice the darker windows.
  • only half of the desk that would’ve been used on the Sydney bulletin (then presented by Ron Wilson and Jessica Rowe) was used, with the other half (which Tim Webster would sit at for sport in Sydney) used for Sports Tonight. This desk you see was also used for the Late News, though would be switched around.
  • the background prop you see here was also used on the national weekend bulletin (I think Perth might’ve also gotten local weekend bulletins from Sydney at this time, too). This also differentiated it from the Sydney set-up wherein a global prop was used and seen between Wilson and Rowe during wide-shots.
  • by 2005, both the Sydney and Perth bulletins used the same desk, though the Perth bulletin used different camera angles/shots and didn’t utilize the television screen as would be seen when Ron Wilson was on shot in the Sydney bulletin.
  • Wilson also presented the Perth bulletin in 2004, before Tim Webster succeeded him in 2005 which meant double duty for these men following their roles on the Sydney bulletin (Wilson news, Webster sport).

Full bulletin for anyone interested:


Rare Eyewitness News vision of the 1987 set.




And that was Melbourne alone, not nationally


And that million was just for Melbourne, not even national. Not even regional Victoria, just Melbourne.

Now it rates 10% of that :pensive:


Must have been a 1 off or a peak reading?

Melbourne only had a population of about 2.5 million.


The fine print on the ad says “Each week over 3 million viewers tune into 10 Eyewitness News on Ten”.


Ah! Crucial small print!


I think from memory this iteration (or perhaps when Tracey Curro joined the 3 person team) it was rating 40s?


Yep, Ten was often number one throughout the 80s. Also did well throughout the late 90s at 5.00pm.


They should have never left 6pm

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Hence the “First at Five” slogan - though I wonder what it explicitly meant - whether their 5:00pm bulletins gave a point of difference against the 6:00pm offerings on Seven and Nine wherein 10’s flagship bulletin aired before the two of them, or whether they were first in their timeslot ratings-wise.

If they hadn’t, Nine’s bulletins (or Seven’s in Adelaide/Perth) wouldn’t have attracted the large numbers they got in the 90s/early 00s. However with the way things are going at the moment, 10 would be lucky to even get 100K+ in each market in the 6pm timeslot these days.

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they were sort of pushed into a corner where they couldn’t stay at 6.00. Seven and Nine had such dominance that Ten, with diminished resources compared to previous years, having had to slash budgets and being in receivership, had little chance of getting any edge over them.

The move to 5.00 gave it a clear point of difference and it worked for many years, serving as an alternative to whatever Seven and Nine dished up, and giving viewers not interested in news at 6.00 an additional option.


How I fondly remember the CNN-exclusive days of 10, and their overnight service.

I wonder if you are 10 in 2024, if you’d go for an edgy overnight service (maybe similar to how Anderson Cooper started out with something very loose overnight) and built a following? Mixed in with advertorials, of course :slight_smile: It could be a Studio 10 of overnight.


The Hunt For The Family Court Killer:


Ten Eyewitness News Sydney with Steve Liebmann and Robyn Johnston - Wednesday 4/3/1987




That opener I’ve been trying to find for years. Is it uploaded anywhere?

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There was a video from the 1987 Sydney Trading Floor stock market collapse.

Seen here at 2:54

And a Melbourne version from 1986

YouTube: oldnewsaus