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No it isn’t. A Project encore is on after the movie

Perth viewers will see the Adelaide Strikers v Sydney’s thunder on ONE. Family Feud and the Project will wrap up for the year on the 22 Dec. Will Perth viewers see repeats of the Living room?

so anyone know where Man with a Plan season final is scheduled?

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Last night during Cram they kept advertising a NEW Law and Order: SVU as coming up next. The last ad had all new SVU next.

What episode went to air? Cause the guide had 2 repeats

Ten has the Australian premiere of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure at 6.30 on Christmas Eve.

Man with a Plan repeats start airing 6.30 weeknights from Dec 26.

Week commencing 24 December 2017

Sunday 24 December
06:00 pm Family Feud
06:30 pm Olaf’s Frozen Adventure
07:00 pm Jamie’s Italian Christmas
08:00 pm Have You Been Paying Attention to 2017?
09:00 pm Daddy’s Home
11:00 pm 48 Hours

Monday 25 December :christmas_tree:
06:30 pm Mean Girls (2004)
08:30 pm The First Wives Club (1996)

Tuesday 26 December
06:30 pm Man With A Plan Rpt Sydney, Melbourne Tue-Fri
06:00 Bri / 06:30 Adel/ 07:00 pm Syd, Mel KFC Big Bash League Game 7: Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Stars
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm Bull S1 Rpt

06:30 pm Man With A Plan Rpt Tue-Fri
07:00 pm TBA Tue-Fri
07:30 pm Jamie’s Comfort Food Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS Rpt
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt
10:30 pm Bull S1 Rpt

Wednesday 27 December
06:00/06:30/07:00 pm KFC Big Bash League Game 8: Brisbane Heat V Sydney Thunder
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

07:30 pm Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Rpt
08:30 pm Hawaii Five-O x 2 Rpt
10:30 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

Thursday 28 December
06:00/06:30/07:00 pm KFC Big Bash League Game 9: Sydney Sixers V Adelaide Strikers
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm Blue Bloods

07:30 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
08:00 pm Gold Coast Cops Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt
10:30 pm Blue Bloods x2 Rpt

Friday 29 December
06:00/06:30/07:00 pm KFC Big Bash League Game 10: Melbourne Renegades V Perth Scorchers
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm The Graham Norton Show

07:30 pm The Living Room Summer Edition
08:30 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
09:30 pm Cram Rpt
10:30 pm 48 Hours

Saturday 30 December
06:00 pm All Star Family Feud Rpt Sydney, Melbourne
06:00/06:30/07:00 pm KFC Big Bash League Game 11: Hobart Hurricanes V Sydney Thunder
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm TBA

07:10 pm All Star Family Feud Rpt
08:40 pm Backyard Ashes (2013)
10:40 pm 48 Hours

For details of Big Bash coverage see local guides and Ten Cricket Coverage


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Two repeats aired. Ten has no more new SVU episodes to show as they are up to date with the US and the show doesnt come back until the 3rd of January over there.

I thought that this is a replay of the show.

AFAIK, Ten have shown up to ep6. In the US they have aired 8 eps.

Just checked. You are indeed correct. Ten will probably hold those two episodes until February.

All I am saying is that the promos that aired definitely said ‘all new SVU next’ but then they must have shown repeats.

From my viewing, Ten have done that occasionally over the years. Going back over ten years, I remember Ten airing these promos which must have been copied from the previous week’s schedule without thought if they actually were airing a new episode ‘Next’.

I always put it down to lesser resources at Ten unlike Nine and Seven.

I know they lost the rights to L&O and House to Nine.

But I really want to see Ten (if they still have rights) re-running Criminal Intent (and yes, I know I mentioned this).

Seeing as they’re re-running NCIS (S1) on ONE and Medium (S1) on Eleven.

In its hey day, it was the most popular of the L&O, still rating over 1m until around 2009.

Vincent D’Onofrio, Jeff Goldblum, etc.

Luke having a selfish moment here me thinks :smile:


Christmas Eve in the US, CBS has three colourised shows: a one hour I Love Lucy Christmas Special and two The Dick Van Dyke Show episodes. I wonder how they would be received in Australia - probably not Ten’s demographic.

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Is any network chasing the Over 65s demographic? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Speak for yourself. I find SVU to be the best of the lot. Also Eleven are repeating season 6 of Medium not season 1.


Um nope, I could watch this all day.


I was being flippant, I’ve also enjoyed SVU over the years, but I genuinely believe there’s too much of a good thing sometimes.

Ten now have Chris Isaak: Live at The Cellar scheduled for 10:00-10:30pm on Saturday night.

Join international music star Chris Isaak for the ultimate Christmas celebration with celebrity interviewer Angela Pulvirenti, and special guests from Dan Murphy’s Cellar in Prahran, for wine and live music.

Looks like it was recorded around a month ago on 17th November and is already available online at atthecellar.com.au