Ten Network & Multi Channels Re-brand (Including Ten News)

Yesterday i posted a series of rebranded Network Ten logos in the Random Mocks thread after some ideas raised by @Zacgb and @DDN.

I have used these rebranded logos to develop a series of on-air graphics for the Ten Network and it’s multi hannels, which tie all the channels together in a bright and fresh way. I have used white space to enhance the branding of the network colours across each channel.

The logo itself is based of a ‘Loading’ circle, as posted by @DDN in the Random Mocks thread. The concept is that the circle surrounding each channel logo (10, 11 & one) is a continuously moving circle and never stagnant. You’ll notice by the watermark, that the circle disappears.

So here it all is - it’s a little hard to convey how i would envisage it all to move (After Effects is not my friend unfortunately) however the idea behind it all is a lot of reflective surfaces, moving gradient colours & sliding numbers & loading circles with network personalities a big part of station idents.

Ident End - 10 & one

Promo End Tags

The concept behind this, is the circle begins its loading motion and NOW appears, before transitioning to NEXT and then to 10 - as the RPG ends the circle will motion down to nothing leaving the 10 - before it fades into the simple watermark.

Sponsor Billboard

Ad Break Lead-in
During specific programs, on-screen graphics like this may appear before a series of commercials



Nice, there’s something modern yet classic about them


@n1ck Holy shit, well done. :+1: I mean this when I say it, I want ten to adopt this presentation style right damn now. I truly see this working. You have to get a job at ten! Brilliant Job!

Could you, if it’s within your abilities (I’m sure it is judging by your brilliant work) design new on-screen graphics, logo etc for ten news based on this design?


Looks great, gives Ten a big kick up the ass in terms of branding.


all it needs is for One to be numerical (or renamed to 12) and the TEN brand would be complete.

But you’ve already knocked it way out of the park


Absolutely stunning :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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Maybe use 12 as the same one font with that oval cut at the bottom as well so that it somewhat resembles the current logo

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can I see what a Ten Sport watermark would look like on Ten, Ten HD and One. Nonetheless great job

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Absolutely love this - gorgeous design and so Well considered!

Two notes:

I think - because you are are clearly trying to sell the suite of channels, that either “Ten, One, Eleven” should be chosen to work with - or “10”, “1” “11”

Personally, I would like to see the names brought in line with TEN, the way we have 9, 9Go, 9Gem, 9Life, 7, 7TW, 7mate, 7flix, ABC, ABCME, ABC2, ABC News etc.

So for One something like TenWorld - as it is male and adrenaline (could still be the lime green) and for 11 something like XTen or TenX as it has that millennial sound to it -again keeping the Purple.

So I would suggest

Ten (blue)
TenWorld (Lime)
TenX (Purple)

all in your beautiful design

Just Love it!

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FYI, in the industry these are known as break bumpers.

Fantastic mock! Send it to Ten!

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You couldn’t put together some 10 news mock ups. I have a studio idea that would work great with your design


Very impressive - relatively simple idea actually but as is often the case they work so well when executed with a bit of skill.

Make this happen pls.


@KICK-IT I was thinking along the same lines as you - keep the colours but unify the brand under Ten.

‘TenX’ has me thinking of Gen X from Ten’s Talkin’ 'bout Your Generation :joy:

I think that TenHit would work better.

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TenHit(s) = 11
TenAction = one

would be good I think

What would SCA think of Ten using their Hit radio network’s brand?

Don’t mind TenHIT

this is glorious. No other words. Well done!

Here you go, I couldn’t help myself



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