Ten Network & Multi Channels Re-brand (Including Ten News)

Hey great job, I do want ten to go back to its open newsroom feel. I like the big numerical 10, I’ve never seen that idea before :+1:


Here you go @theGradyConnell & @MTLCK

Ten News Opener

The end of the opener has the 10 logo with the loading circle, before the NEWS swipes out to it’s side and the city appears below. At the same time a burst of light appears from behind the logo creating clarity.

The circle doesn’t appear in the 10 News logo as the circle is never permanent.



please get a job at TEN ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:


As much as I love the current Ten logo, I’m all for this one to replace it.


can I ask a favour - can you put the 1 and 0 together, similar to WBNS Columbus?


Only If you were employed at ten… :disappointed:

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Ten should turn its focus back to “young and edgy”, it worked for them in the 90s. Why not revert back? And with this relaunch package by @n1ck & @theGradyConnell it fits the title “young and edgy”. I really wish this was a reality.

But seriously, are we expecting a relaunch? The current ones are 3 years old, and they weren’t the best anyway (by ten’s (former) standards). And to better convey the ten brand, they need to align all channels to the channel ten network.

And I think we all agree with this, ten really needs to boost its news department. Firstly with bulletins where no other network has any, I’m looking at you Late News!

Edit: BTW, What is Ten’s current financial position? Have they recorded a loss recently? Or better, any gains?


I think they have been better than in recent years. Higher viewer increase than before as well, so okay I guess.

What do you use for this

Right now would be a great time for ten to rebrand into something like this, nice and fresh. Start clean.[quote=“Zacgb, post:27, topic:2389”]
Edit: BTW, What is Ten’s current financial position? Have they recorded a loss recently? Or better, any gains?
I think I have an answer now!

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the problem with the old late news bulletins was that they were all over the shop time wise. a late bulletin could work well - more people are working long hours, the 6pm news is just too early for some. give me a 10:30 bulletin, and KEEP IT THERE. have consistency. than it will be a regular part of peoples TV viewing


Or a 10pm bulletin: “Ten News at 10” or “10 News”, just for branding purposes


In the spirit of TENFAF, Ten Eyewitness News: Late at Ten Evening, or TENLATE :joy:

Being serious though, back to original name of Ten Late News but with “late” taking the place of “eyewitness” in the logo and in a darker shade of blue.

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