Ten Network 2020

It has been confirmed that 10 will present its plans for 2020 to advertisers and stakeholders on the 10th of October.

Which is a nice cheeky play on the ‘10’ theme being the 10th day of the 10th month.

Thoughts and hopes as to what we will see?

I’m hoping for a potential rework of the 6pm slot for one.

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A second season of The Amazing Race Australia?

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A new programmer would be a good start


Two seasons of Australian Survivor in a calendar year? Season 7 is currently filming in Fiji.

It would be great to see a restructure of their 6-7.30pm timeslot + overhaul of Saturday nights.


I would like to see 10 invest in a new franchise rather than remake old ones. I would love them to look at the Circle https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/circle-start-tv-how-work-19337233

I also think 10 could look at the Apprentice.

I would also like 10 to move Masterchef to later in the year. Perhaps starting in October and running for 10 weeks. It would open up the possibilities in May - a time of the year I really think The Bachelor/ette franchise would rate well (especially seeing Nine and Seven have programs about renovation and ninjas).

I think you might be right but I don’t think this is a good idea. Look at what happened to Masterchef when they aired 2 seasons. It took a hit in the ratings. Better off just moving it to the beginning of the year I think.


Sunday Night Takeaway was a nice concept but poorly executed. I want to see 10 giving the show another go in 2020 with major tweaks. Australia needs a good variety show.


I’d say some form of expansion to its news but we all already know its under place and takes time :slight_smile:

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It’s a safe bet we won’t see anything resembling a variety format considering the failure of both Rove and Takeaway. Both shows had promise but, as JohnsonTV pointed out, poor execution will kill a good idea.

Ten programmers consistently misread the audience. There are families stuck at home with little kids on a Saturday night crying out for wholesome entertainment yet they built Saturday Night Rove around edgy humour with jokes about stiffys, masturbation, abortion, poo and penises. Newsflash Ten: The edgy crowd are out at clubs and restaurants on a Saturday night so targeting this show at them was a colossal mistake. Whoever signed off on that type of crass content and didn’t think it would turn Saturday night television viewers off in droves shouldn’t have a job in television.

Variety isn’t dead. It works well in other parts of the world because they know how to do it properly. How many chances are they going to get before CBS realises these idiots don’t have a clue?


I reckon they should do a family prime time twist on the Cheez TV/Toasted TV/Kids WB format.

7-9pm show hosted by 3 relatively unknown presenters with sitcoms in between segments.

Say for example:

7pm Show opener
7:05pm Sitcom
7:30pm Studio segment
7:35pm Sitcom
8:00pm Studio segment
8:05pm Sitcom
8:30pm Studio segment
8:35pm sitcom
9pm show ends

Studio segments would include viewers picking the sitcoms, games and challenges, movie reviews and sneak peaks etc


As much as I agree that variety is needed I wonder if they should just try something new rather than renew failed concepts. Perhaps a chat show hosted by Courtney Act?


Bye bye Bev.

(And that’d also be a great TV show, maybe “the rise and fall of 10”)


When Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner and Santo Cilauro have finished mining the bureaucracy of government for laughs in Utopia perhaps they could turn their attention to the persistent failures of a fictional television network programming department to come up with ideas that resonate with viewers and lift them out of a ratings black hole.


Would you make up your bloody mind? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The key word in there was could not that I think they should…

Are there any new formats form around the world that are making waves?!?!? I quite like the US Netflix show ‘the fix’ - it would be right up tens alley.

Still quietly hoping for ten to have another go at Big brother.


But Studio 10 is doing so well?


The one show I’d love to see an adaptation of is the Ukrainian dramedy ‘Servant of the People’ about a school teacher that jokingly runs for president and ends up winning. Even more relevant given the lead actor ended up winning the recent Ukrainian presidential election!

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I’m not sure whether its a revival of an Australian morning talk show or a British Reality Show that is produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group last year. :thinking:

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I did post the link…

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