Ten AFL Coverage (2002-2011)

Almost 12 years on and I feel that 10 has revolutionized the way AFL is broadcasted on Television. I enjoyed 10’s AFL Coverage a lot better than 7’s coverage over the last decade.

Intro 2002-2006:

Intro 2007-2011:


That 2002-2006 intro was the best AFL intro ever. I miss Ten’s AFL, especially with the 5 minute warning. Seven’s coverage just isn’t the same. My dad thinks the opposite however, he didn’t like Ten’s coverage and preferred Seven’s.


People usually have a sentimental feeling to what they grew up with.


That was my favourite part of Ten’s coverage - especially during very close matches!

When it was activated, I’d start counting five actual minutes and then wait for the siren!


Ten’s coverage of the AFL is what got me interested in both the game and the media behind it, so I’m very nostalgic. Up until recently there was a Youtuber who uploaded several old 10 broadcasts but they’ve since either been taken down or are now unlisted.


Ten did a great job with the footy and wanted to promote and show it in the northern markets much more than 7 and 9, who admittedly had to prioritise the NRL.

I always felt their product was more of a natural progression of where 7 were heading with their coverage, just on a quicker timeline. Nine seemed a lot more revolutionary with what they brought to the table and seemed like they were really trying to redefine AFL telecasts and differentiate themselves from the rest, with various levels of success.

10 also got the commentary mix pretty spot on, although Walls in particular got under the skin of people. Their PBP team was one of the best; Quatermaine, Hudson, Lane, Christian (extremely underated). I think Daicos may have been used early on before Lane arrived and there was at least one match where Whateley called. Underwood started popping up too every so often in the latter years.

Hard to have a bad memory of the Ten days, which is saying something.


Not least Paul Roos, whose coaching Walls famously criticised in the first half of the 2005 season. You only need to watch the match between the Swans and St Kilda from round 10 that year to know/understand why.

Seven’s coverage Pre-2002 or Seven’s Coverage 2007-Present or both?

Coverage Farewell 2011:

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Sad reacts only


The Holy Grail intro is a classic


I remember in the early years, Ten and Fox used the same scoreboard graphics for some reason. They were pretty ordinary graphics too .


I think that had to do with Fox Footy Channel trying to keep costs down on production as I believe that the original Fox Footy Channel wasn’t actually tied with Fox Sports in terms of production and ownership.

It’s weird. Foxtel were the ones who owned the rights outright instead of Premier Media Group who were the ones running Fox Sports and partially owned by Foxtel but not fully at the time. This meant it was Foxtel itself with the rights and not Fox Sports. So Foxtel were having to foot the budget for it instead of it being a part of Fox Sports and it’s budget.

Both Fox Footy Channel and Fox Sports used their own people and own studios during that period because of that. Technically despite both being owned by the same company, Fox Sports who have run the current Fox Footy since 2012 have only technically been covering the AFL since 2007. Fox Footy Channel was it’s own thing when it was operating but because they’re both owned by the same owners, We consider Foxtel to have had the AFL rights since 2002.

That’s to my understanding. Someone like Rhett Bartlett might be able to shed some more light on that perhaps.

TL:DR Fox Footy Channel used Ten’s graphics in 2002 and 2003 to keep production costs lower as they weren’t actually a part of the Fox Sports side of News Limited if I’m correct.


This seems as good a place as any to put this even though it’s more of a 9/FF thing.

Cometti calling and hosting on Fox Footy, shown on FTA in WA on Channel 9, using Channel 10 graphics. Think he called all Perth Sunday matches in 2002 regardless of the host broadcaster resulting in a few of these quirky situations.


No Five Minute Warning on Fox Footy.