Ten AFL Coverage (2002-2011)

Lol rediciolous coming from an eastern stater . Considering most of the bias comes from eastern state commentary against eagles and Fremantle.

Bad commentary is bad commentary. I’ve pointed out plenty of biased Eastern state calls/ callers over the years.

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  • Tim Lane joined in 2003 following his infamous falling out with Eddie McGuire at Nine just prior to the 2002 season starting
  • Luke Darcy joined in 2006 while on the injury list at the Western Bulldogs
  • Michael Voss joined in 2007 following his retirement from the AFL, likewise with Matthew Lloyd in 2010. Voss left at the end of 2008 upon becoming Brisbane Lions coach

Kelli Underwood joined in 2009


And became the first female AFL commentator on commercial television. Who could forget her classic call on Jimmy Bartel’s match-winning point in 2009?

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Slightly off topic, but is there a reason she is hated by many AFL fans?


The 2nd straight Geelong win since the Grand Final and dented Hawthorn’s finals hope

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Discussed elsewhere but she’s just not a good caller, and people single her out because she’s a woman, while her ability isn’t actually much different to the poor standard of FTA callers.

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20 years ago. Seems like yesterday

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