Tasmanian Radio

Anyone from Tasmania in here?

Yep :+1:


Great discussion about Tasmanian Radio guys.


What do we want to talk about? Variety of stations, coverage or personalities etc. ?

The lack of independent LPONs is what struck me on my recent visit down there. On 87.6-88.0 MHz it’s invariably Vision FM, Faith FM (SDA), or Tote Sport Radio. Pulse FM south of Hobart is one of the few (the only?) independent narrowcast operations in the temperate state.

Anything really. Stations, personalities, coverage etc :slight_smile:

Stoked that this is now a thread… looking forward to the topics.


Pulse is the only independent lpon, other than the 88.0 tourist service in Port Arthur, which is just a MiniDisc (yeah, I know…) loop. There used to be a country station just past Launceston and a tourism station in Devonport on 88.4, but both are now inactive, as far as I know.

I’m looking forward to the AM / FM conversion on the NW coast. Especially the additional frequencies that have been proposed for 7BU and 7AD.

ACMA would not have included this without interest from prospective operators.

7SD Scottsdale is part of the Cameron’s submission to ACMA to convert to FM its AM Tasmanian stations.

In one of the more unique cases, AM 540 will remain on air to serve areas poorly served by the less than adequate FM site. Should have been co located on Mt Barrow as is done on Mt Dowe for Moree and Gunnedah stations.

Scottsdale was featured last night on ch2’s Back Roads program:

Look for Series 4, Episode 4.

It’s been in discussion for years

Which I really just don’t understand because the coverage is so poor anyway. Chilli FM in Scottsdale (Mt Horror) has far better coverage than 7SD.

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Thoughts on the move of all 3 ‘bigger’ FM stations moving towards mainly Networked programming? Can’t say I’ve listened to much Hobart radio for a while but didn’t realise just how much of it came from elsewhere.

Since Triple M & 7HO went to networked programming from 5pm weekdays as from the beginning of this year, this leaves only ABC Radio Hobart & the Community stations on having any local programming after that time.

The most interesting thing is that LAFM in Launceston & 7SD in the North East (which is pretty much a relay of LAFM), as well as 7AD/7BU in the North West, has local programming until 6pm weekdays. That means, combined with “Tasmania Talks”, they have more hours of local programming than any of the Hobart commercial stations on a weekday, even if it’s only 1 hour extra when compared with Triple M & 7HO (or 3 hours extra when compared with Hit 100.9).

It’s unfortunate :frowning:

At least with 7HO network shows they are played out of their studios and don’t rely on satellite feeds which reduces the chances of dead air… and they have control over it rather than a network getting involved.

Must say I’m not a fan of the majority of the local “talent” the big 3 use. So Networked stuff, whilst not localised at all, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When I was at Hobart in March last year, I gave 7HO & Triple M an equal amount of my listening time, and I do agree with you that Triple M is musically more preferrable over 7HO, despite the fact that Triple M’s log generates from the Gold Coast, whilst 7HO’s is done locally. Then again, the AFL season hadn’t yet started when I was down there, which helps on being able to listen to Triple M during the weekend. :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see how both stations perform in this year’s Hobart radio ratings later this year.

I didn’t listen to it much either. In case you didn’t know already, 7SD (which can be picked up in Victoria via AM) carries the same log as LAFM.

I didn’t get to listen to it much when I was in the West Coast, although I guess in hindsight, I should’ve paid a bit more attention to it. Oh well, at least I can always stream them online. :slight_smile:

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