Tasmanian Radio


When I first visited Tassie in Jan 2000, 7XS ran a local request show in the evening. Someone requested the latest Killing Heidi song- they didn’t have it!


Well, I guess they didn’t have the internet rolled out on the West Coast back then, so couldn’t easily transport content between stations like they can now.


Tasmanian radio station Pulse FM, now broadcasting to the pacific on 4835khz Shortwave between 1400 and 2000 UTC!


Grant Broadcasters is boosting its local news coverage for its Tasmanian stations.


All done out of Hobart presumably.


That’s awesome! I really admire what Grant Broadcasters do in Tasmania.


Similar to the local news Grant Broadcasters do in Geelong which is quite good. I often use their websites and Facebook pages for local news as it doesn’t have a paywall


About time really. The only local news worth listening to at the moment is on abc local.



The guy wires were detonated on the old 7NT AM transmitter masts yesterday at Kelso bringing them to the ground. The land has recently been sold and I understand as part of the sale Broadcast Australia covered the cost.


It’s been how many years? Very slow.


Yeah the 711AM transmission was shut down around 2006 I think ? Or was it 2008…


I’m amazed BA have held onto the site for either length.




To bring this topic back to life, commercial radio in parts of Tasmania is going through some exciting times.

Firstly, this occurred in North West Tasmania:

And from Monday 1st April, commercial DAB+ transmissions in Hobart will commence.


I guess the question is will there be anything extra actually worth listening too on DAB…


Looking at their “Song History” page on their websites at this moment on a Sunday afternoon during the AFL season, it appears the Grant stations in Northern Tasmania are not taking AFL Nation this year.

This leaves Triple M Hobart as the only commercial station in all of Tasmania to broadcast the AFL.

AFL Coverage

Here’s a copy of the news opener advertising DAB+ coming to Hobart on April 1st, which aired just after 6 PM today on Triple M Hobart.


Strangely low modulation levels on 105.7 SBS Radio Hobart. SBS is averaging 30% deviation, while other stations are averaging close to 100% (percentage of 75khz). The same with Triple J (although not as bad). Triple J here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qje5jfzEkHU