Tasmania State Election - March 2018

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman has today called a March 3rd State Election.

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ABC Tasmania and ABC News Channel

Saturday 3 March 2018

5:30pm ABC News
A special edition of ABC News as Tasmanians go to the polls for the 2018 state election. We cross to ABC reporters around the state for the latest information, plus all the rest of the day’s top stories.

6:00pm Tasmania Votes: Election Night Live
Michael Rowland presents Tasmania Votes, bringing you fast, reliable and accurate predictions and results from ABC election analyst Antony Green and a panel of commentators. Plus we cross live to reporters around the state.

8:30pm - 10:30pm Tasmania Votes: Election Results Live

Sunday 4 March 2018

9:00am Insiders
Barrie Cassidy presents Australia’s most popular political program. The panel look at the results and fallout from the Tasmanian election, plus robust debate on the week’s issues in federal politics with keen observers.

(All AEDT)

What are Southern Cross and Win are doing for their Election Night Coverage?

Sitting at home, watching it on the ABC?


Sky News:

Sky News People’s Forum

Wednesday 28 Feb 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Live from the Hobart, and moderated by Sky News Political Editor David Speers, Premier Will Hodgman and Labor’s Rebecca White face 100 undecided voters just three days before Tasmania’s state election.

I’ll try again, third time lucky!

Just checked the program guides to check the scheduling for coverage for this Saturday’s Tas election.

ABC - News bulletin at 5:30pm and coverage from 6pm. This will also be simulcast on News 24 across Australia for the evening.

WIN - Seem to have a bulletin at 6pm after the Supercars for 15 minutes before Ten News from 6:15 to 7pm. They’ll no doubt have regular updates and crosses.

Southern Cross have their usual bulletin from 6pm to 7pm but then have My Kitchen Rules scheduled from 7 to 9pm which is different from the Melbourne schedule where the movie Brave is scheduled. It looks like it will be a repeat of MKR from Thursday night but dragged out by half an hour (90mins on Thurs, 120mins on Sat) presumably with regular updates and live crosses to the tally room/speeches etc…

My guess is WIN will have coverage only the length of the adbreaks or smaller to avoid going off schedule too much (we all need our Bondi Rescue and Territory Cops) and Southern Cross will have the extended crosses. ABC to provide the full coverage.

As expected, nothing from SBS or TDT 9. TDT9 will likely let us know the results on Monday with their noodle updates.

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That’ll probably be the WIN News coverage of it, TDT will just get it from the papers and the web a couple of days later.

Would you be able to record any coverage on SC / WIN please?


Will see what I can do, recording is easy, it’s getting it uploaded that’s the trouble. I use a Fetch and can access a stream of those files on my PC.

ABC promo:

Today’s Hobart Mercury publishes an editorial criticising the state’s archaic election laws which bans newspapers (but not TV networks like ABC or Sky) for round the clock state election coverage before polls close at 6pm AEDT, and calls for a review of the laws. Here is an excerpt:

We wanted to deliver Tasmanians the best, most detailed news coverage of today’s critical state election.

But we can’t. And we could go to jail if we tried to do our duty as Tasmania’s major newspaper. That’s because an archaic criminal law denies you — the Tasmanian people — the right to know what we know.

It bans the Mercury and all newspapers from publishing today any story about an issue or candidate before the polls close.

But most of all this law bans you from being fully informed on election day. And that’s undemocratic.

…an anachronistic law first drafted decades ago and still bizarrely on the books means that the editor of the Mercury would be liable for a fine of $15,900 and/or three months in jail should we report before polls close today on any candidate or on any issue relating to the election.

Section 198 of the Electoral Act states that “a person must not, on the polling day fixed for an election … publish or cause to be published in a newspaper … a matter or comment relating to a candidate or a question arising from, or an issue of, the election campaign”.

They seem to have removed their Facebook post of their front cover today which had most of the front page dedicated to that, just a big white space with that message and a black border and a couple of other stories to the side.

ABC News 24 showed earlier Will Hodgman arriving to cast his vote in Franklin but there wasn’t much room there and with a lot of media coverage there were a lot of shots of doorways and people getting annoyed they couldn’t exit the polling booth etc…

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Here is the front page of today’s Mercury, as shown on Mumbrella:


ABC Bulletin at 5:30pm


A sad night for the Liberals tonight before the count even starts, former Attorney General Vanessa Goodwin passed away this afternoon after a battle with brain cancer which forced her to resign from Parliament last year.
Premier Will Hodgman and Vanessa Goodwin were lifelong friends after being born only 2 days apart and growing up together.

EDIT: As seen above, tonight’s ABC News bulletin is a simulcast of the 5:30 bulletin from News 24.

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“We can’t do our 53rd story on how Rebecca White is the spawn of Satan”

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Nice to see the tally room setting make a return. Better than broadcasting from a foyer…


Apparently Tasmania is the only state with a tally room left. It’s also a new location this time with it normally held at the Wrest Point Casino which is owned by Federal Group. Since the casinos and Federal were a big election issue this time, the tally room was moved to the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

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