Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry

lets do a trip to London and New York for some relief from the unaffordability in Australia.

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Someone at Channel 9 is clearly channeling Jeremy Clarkson!

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From Domain:

Would you leave Sydney and move to Melbourne to afford to buy property?

As much as Emma Fraser and Shahmeer Abbasi wanted to live in the city they’ve called home all their lives, the couple also understood the harsh reality of buying a property in Sydney.

The couple, who’d been renting a two-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s CBD at $800 a week, looked at the price of houses in Melbourne and were blown away.

For context, Sydney’s median house price is at a record $1,627,625. In Melbourne, the median is $1,032,020 – that’s a $595,605 difference.

According to the latest Domain Forecast Report, Sydney’s house prices are set to rise between 6 and 8 per cent by the end of FY25 (between $1.73 million and $1.76 million). In comparison, Melbourne’s house prices are expected to rise at a more modest rate of between 0 and 2 per cent (leaving prices between $1.03 million and $1.05 million).


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I would hope Emma and Shahmeer aren’t looking at a median priced property for their first property…

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Sydney = NRL (Rugby League)
Melbourne = AFL (Australian Rules Football)

Have you seen which teams are currently on top of the ladder for each code?

Sydney leads the AFL and Melbourne Storm the NRL


*South Melbourne :wink:


Changes to Sydney skyline


Interesting… this was expected since Sydney CBD took off its height level restrictions.

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If that was really the case, i would have expected one or both of the new towers to be the tallest of them all, not just equal tallest with Centrepoint.

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Sydney use to have a hight restriction of around 260m. But from my understanding its been increased in resent times. I would say around the 310m mark where these two proposals are sitting.

Melbourne currently has a 350m tall building in the works with the Green Square project set to commence construction.


Yep I read the new limit is around 310m for Sydney.

So these still won’t knock off Q1 on the Gold Coast as Australia’s current tallest building at 322m :).

The Melbourne proposal will though at 350m.


Oh, I was wondering what this one was, it now has that horrible name “STH BNK”

I don’t think Centrepoint actually is one, but all those glorified TV tower buildings don’t really count - so many big cities have one that they don’t really stand out. It would be a big change to Sydney to have genuinely tall skyscrapers with something the whole way up, rather than a floating bubble on a needle.

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The 260m restriction was to maintain Sydney Tower as the tallest building in the skyline - 310m is now the maximum allowable without interfering with the operation of Sydney Airport