Survivor (US)

I was baffled that Jam Jam got so many votes. I thought it would have been a split decision with Carolyn. Overall disappointed, there didn’t seem to much game play, nearly all idols were wasted or played incorrectly.

I wonder if Nine might consider relinquishing the rights. The show really messes with 9Go’s ratings - lowest share of the year last night.

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I was a bit underwhelmed by this season. Too much crying lol. Perhaps that’s a reflection of the world we live in but geez people need to get a grip sometimes. It’s a game, you’re not there to cure cancer or world hunger. Yet people start blubbing about “how proud they are of themselves”… ugh.
I also think the game has introduced too many obscure advantages, it just confuses things. Wish they would get back to basics a bit. Also an observation, at tribals the players seemed awfully well dressed and made up. The women were even wearing make up and they all seemed to have their hair done…
Personally I think what would help is if they included some players who weren’t “superfans”. I think the game would flow a bit more naturally like it used to if there were people there who weren’t quite so obsessed with it.

I highly doubt that is the case. Carolyn for example has really dark hair (she just dyes it blonde) so she has very dark and prominent eyelashes that look like mascara. Otherwise you are probably confusing filtering/lighting in the edit with makeup.

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Perhaps. But they seemed a bit cleaner at least, including their clothes. Another friend who watches it also made the comment to me.