Survivor (US)

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One of the best merge episodes ever!

  1. Blue merge buffs looked even better than I expected (so, so, so goddamn beautiful!)
  2. Drunk Carl!
  3. Christian’s confessionals
  4. Team Mason-Dixon reunite
  5. Counter-Goliath insurgence (never expected Alec to come out as a big game player)
  6. Dan’s cockiness in the individual immunity challenge. First time we’ve seen the pendulum? (EDIT: Australian Survivor 2017, how silly of me)
  7. Alison finally getting a good edit and winning individual immunity.
  8. Tribal council blew up! “I came here to win Survivor. I did not come here for some bitch to beat me.” Unanimous vote as well - certainly wasn’t expecting that.
  9. -10 points for Gabby, I don’t see why people like her. Really, she’s one of the most annoying players in recent memory.


I agree that it was a fantastic merge episode and this is hands down becoming one of the best seasons in recent years.

I actually really like Angelina. She’s playing hard and although a bit too emotional which clouding her judgement she’s fun to watch. The way Elizabeth turned on her like that was pretty crazy. Classic Survivor drama playing out. Loved it.

I’m also loving how this season seems to have gone back to the “voting block” situation that we had in Second Chances. Whilst on the surface it looks like the Goliath’s are dominating, so many people have back up and future plans that I think things will shift week to week.



Great episode this week.



Yes it was. So the votes for John were a blindside cooked up by Christian and the southern attorney guy? Was it a ploy to ensure a Goliath went in case Angelina had/got an idol?



I didn’t seem like Christian had any idea to me.



He voted for John so he seemed to have some idea. I think the only surprise for both Christian and Nick was that Davie had an idol.



I didn’t watch who voted for who. He is quite an actor then.



They knew, just wasn’t shown in the episodes. I think Davie’s whole tribal speech was more directed toward Carl/Gabbie/Alec than Christian/Nick. Had he not told them there would be no sense in splitting the votes.

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Davie said in the episode that he hadn’t told anyone about his idol. Hence Nick’s surprised face when Davie pulled out his idol in tribal. They only knew that he had an advantage not that he had an idol also.

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It does seem odd though that 3 split their vote. They must have known something or Davie would have been the only one to cast a separate vote.



To be fair, re-watching the tribal council knowing that John was blindsided you could speculate that all of the Davids (and maybe Alec) knew about Davie’s idol and the plan.

Davie: obviously had the idol in his pocket, cast a vote against John
Carl: Gave a massive assassin’s grin in Davie’s general direction after the second Angelina vote anticipating John’s blindside.
Christian: hardly even flinched when Davie played the idol for him. Cast a vote against ‘Jon’
Gabby: didn’t look confused or cry.
Nick: blank expression when Davie stood up before changing his expression after about five seconds. His ‘now what?’ comment following the second Angelina vote breeds suspicion. Cast a vote against John

Maybe I’m reading too much into the situation but I am almost certain that all of the Davids (and possibly Alec) knew about the idol and the plan. I wish we could get secret scenes in Australia :disappointed:



This really was a great episode and this is hands down the best season since Second Chances. That was the first time in a while I’ve genuinely been shocked by a Tribal Council vote. Never expected John to go at all. Next week is when things are really going to turn as Nick has the vote steal so in a sense the David’s can win out the next vote if it even goes that way. I think the David and Goliath division is all over as a result of that vote though and we will have more Goliath’s trying to work with David’s.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Angelina and Dan. Clearly Dan doesn’t like Angelina but giving her the Idol was to keep the numbers on his side. The two will probably be forced to stick together now. It also looks like from the previews that Kara and Dan have a falling out next week? But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an act to make people think that is the case.

We have a very interesting season which is pretty much anyone’s game at this stage. I’m loving it and Angelina is still my absolute fave.

Everyone didn’t have to know about the Idol to split the vote. Some of those David’s were clueless to pretty much everything going on so some might have believed they were targeting John in case Angelina had an Idol (as Goliath’s had made it too obvious Angelina was next to go so why would they target her as she would have played an Idol if she had one) and the others probably voted her because they thought that was the plan in hope some Goliath’s voted for her.



Wowwwww another crazy episode!!!

Who saw that coming? I certainly didn’t. It felt like if Dan went it would’ve been the Goliath’s turning on him but in the end the David’s played their cards right and got what they wanted.

What was with a couple of the Goliath’s voting for Angelina? I assume it was the case that once the steal was played, they knew it was likely that a Goliath was going so stacked the votes on Angelina thinking the other David’s would do it (or increase the chances of her going over them).

The editing has been real smart and tricky this season. We’ve seen information leak from the Goliath’s to the David’s but not all and then suddenly they pull off some smart moves. The funny thing is so many Idols and advantages were annoying me the last 2 or 3 seasons but this time they have fallen in the right hands and actually been played right and its required strategy to do so too, so I’m loving it. I’m also glad that we just have 1 idol left in the game now so the season isn’t overwhelmed with advantages. This season just seems to have the balance of everything right.

We have 5v5 next week. The David’s seem like a tighter group than the Goliath’s but the preview seems to show the David’s arguing. I just love how I have no idea where this season is going and it is pretty much anyone’s game!



Does anyone else find Alec ridiculously attractive?



Lol he knows it too. I’d say he’s an aspiring actor.

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What an episode! Have to admit though i feel Nick kind of wasted his advantage a little if they were planning on using the idol nullifier. But I guess if he hadn’t used it then there might not have been enough votes for Dan (I guess they couldn’t really trust the others voting for Angelina).

I do feel there are slightly too many advantages.



Good thing is that now the only advantage left in the game is Christian’s idol.

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Yes. He is oozing with hotness. At the start I didn’t think that much of him but as the game goes on he’s getting hotter and hotter. Must be the facial hair.

I guess the idea was to stack as many advantages as they could to increase their odds. Playing the steal (which had to be announced prior to the vote) scared Dan into playing his Idol which in turn the nullifier was used. It was all very well executed and came across as a big move by the David’s.

The advantages hasn’t been an issue this season for me though like some of the last few seasons. We barely had advantages mentioned pre-merge and none were used until last week. Now we are just down to an Idol. So advantages have had an impact, were played smart and have mostly been flushed out within a couple of tribals which is good.



Season 38 premiere date

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After this amazing season I’m a little cautious about the twist in season 38. I like the contestants that are returning but the twist is something that could either be an interesting new angle but more likely a massive miss as it is a big change to the format of the game. I prefer pretty simple divided seasons like this one, David vs Goliath has just worked well whereas a lot of the other gimmicky twist seasons like Ghost Island and Redemption Island were some of the worst.

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