Survivor (US)

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Well that was a great finale, def the best episode of the season. It was ironic that Laurel got to choose the winner.

The reunion was very short. They only had 30 mins for it as the finale went for 2.5 hours. I guess they need that length with 6 in a finale but then the reunion wasnt really worth the effort.

Overall a very frustrating sesson with 80% of this cast having no idea how to play the game but at least it ended on a bit of craziness.

Super keen for next season. The theme and casting looks much better.



Childish Gambino dropping a new song, new movie and winning survivor all in a few weeks damn he on that grind.

Fuck this wipeout shit they put on during finale, I wanted to hear from everyone else. that Samantha girl in the audience had more airtime than Chelsea I swear. also Kevin hart isn’t funny or relatable.

Sia is annoying with her donations, seriously, you don’t have to do it in public.

next season - interesting choice of theme, but they should move from Fiji

kevin hart: ‘I’m a big fan of this show’
also kevin hart: can’t remember the guy’s name who won a few minutes ago when he congratulates him

He’s so fake it’s unbelievable - Jimmy Fallon levels.



Yeah I’m annoyed that they are doing the next 2 seasons in Fiji again. It’s an amazing location but just staying in the same spot is getting a bit repetitive. It also means they have to keep coming up with themes for every season to differentiate it. I’m guessing 38 will be another All Stars or Blood vs Water or Fans vs Favourites.

The theme for next season I wonder if it was inspired by Michael? He wa sonly 18 and one of the only real game players this season. Essentially its a tribe of teenagers vs a tribe of people who have been successful in life.



The finale may have been great but clearly this season turned a lot of people off and most people didn’t care who won. The finale hit series low ratings for Survivor getting only a 1.4 and 7.4 million viewers. It was outrated in both the demo and total viewers by the American Idol and Voice finales. Let’s hope next season is much better and that they have stronger players.

It was also nowhere be found here as well, not featuring in total viewers nor the top 5 in demos.

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I don’t think anyone is denying that it was definitely one of the weakest seasons. I still however rank a couple seasons worse than this, such as Redemption Island. For me this finale put it a nudge ahead of Redemption Island.

Pretty much this season out of the cast of 20 the only real people who seemed willing to play the game were Michael, Chris, Des, Wendell and Dom… Anyone else who tried to play shot themselves in the foot or just floated through.

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Such as Sebastian, who must be super dumb to have been totally sucked in by Dom’s performance with the fake idol. He just had to ask himself: Why is Dom playing an idol before the vote if he really has two of them, one for each of the remaining tribals in which they can be played?

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Video talking with casting team for next year





Thursday 27 September at 8:30pm




Good to see it getting fast tracked again.

I’m getting a much better vibe about this season than the last couple. The casting looks much better and a much wider range of contestants. It seemed the last 2 seasons they went for much younger people but this time is more of a mix. I just don’t like 20 person cast seasons because it means at some point they really rush it towards the end (either have a double elimination ep or a final 6). They should just stick to 18. Let’s just hope they’ve learnt from the overkill of advantages.

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Tribal council ‘arena’ set for this year



New twist for this season is idol ‘nullifier’



That Tribal Council looks awesome! I love the arena/battle theme, and like the idea that the who battle concept will flow through into a lot of the challenges.

For the Idol nullifier at first I didn’t like the idea (given the power it had on Australian Survivor where it could just be played anytime someone played an Idol) however it’s been executed much better in the US so it becomes an element of strategy. Having to play it before you vote means that you need to scare/convince someone to play their Idol prior to Tribal in order to nullify it. I also like that the nullifier is played in secret.



Survivor (US) episodes will be fast tracked each day on 9Now.

TVT has calculated a 4pm AEST time start but that will change with daylight saving starting in Australia and ending in the US!




From Thursday 27 September at 8.30pm on 9GO!
4.00pm AEST on 9Now

Survivor: David vs Goliath , the 37th season of the award-winning adventure reality series Survivor , premieres Thursday, September 27, at 8.30pm on 9GO!

The new season will be fast-tracked from America with episodes available to watch just hours after the USA, from 4.00pm AEST the same day also on 9Now.

The most unpredictable season in Survivor history, Survivor: David vs Goliath will prove you don’t have to be the strongest person out there if you know how to outsmart the other castaways, grouped into the “underdogs” and the “favourites”.

Returning to the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, Survivor: David vs Goliath features 20 new castaways divided into two groups of 10. The “underdogs” who make up the David tribe have overcome adversity in their lives, while the “favourites” on the Goliath tribe tend to capitalise on their individual advantages and use it against their opponents.

“Goliaths often have visible advantages which they use to their gain to ensure success, whereas Davids are often forced to rely on their secret weapons and use these advantages to overcome adversity,” says executive producer and host, Jeff Probst.

“It’s two very different approaches to life, but Survivor is the great equaliser, because you never know which skill set will be most useful in this cunning game of social politics.”

This season’s castaways include a waitress, a robotics scientist, a truck driver and a police SWAT officer who again, along with their tribes, will be forced to compete with the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in an attempt to become the Sole Survivor, while revealing that every Goliath has an Achilles heel and every David has a secret weapon.



That’s a pretty big call to make. Are they saying this in US promo’s as well or is this something that GO have made up based on the theme? I notice they are saying it in the TV commercials as well.



Disappointing ratings for last night in Australia on 9Go!

Nine has moved the show to 9:30pm next week (replaced by Big Bang :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

The Chicken Has Flown The Coop



Compared with the US where Survivor was second in the timeslot in 18-49 demo (1.7) but first in total viewers (7.83 million).