Survivor (US)

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Too early to start watching another survivor with Aus Survivor on the go

Will catch up mid October with a binge session



I personally watched it earlier on 9NOW. I wonder how many did the same?



Season 35 earlier in the year Survivor didn’t make the list of top programs for live viewing on Nine, meaning it was less than a few thousand people.



This was an amazing first episode… one of the best opening eps in a while. The casting is great so many standouts already. It’s also not often that pretty much all the contestants get airtime in the opening ep. I guess cos 90 mins and no tribal. The ending was so sad, had a little tear for the poor guy. :cry: Super keen for this season, it feels like it’s back to its old self after a couple of average seasons.

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Yes I agree. Thought it was pretty good.



I think it sums up 9Go’s year really, 7mate has taken its eroded audience. TBBT is the only show firing but it also a fatigue/bore effect, certain nights do better. 9Go is still stong, but their collapse in share on last year and compared to previous years, compared with 7mate which has gone the other direcrion (yes, counting Winter Olympics/ Comm Games/ AFL Perth and during those events plus Anzac eve).

9Go used to be the top multi-channel and their 8:30pm movie consistency was key. Only have themselves to blame.

I don’t think Love island helped consistency, nor 7mate’s Sunday Marvel marathon which really spearheaded their momentum.

What was the other show that flopped on 9Go earlier this year, which did just 1% shares but Nine didn’t move it for like a week?



Celebrity Big Brother from the US if I’m not mistaken.

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I don’t really understand this comment at all. Love Island was quite consistent and provided some of the largest figures for the multi channel.



No, I was saying it broke any consistency 9Go had for regular viewers stripping it



I see. But didn’t it add extra viewers? I don’t remember much getting close to 200k at 8:30 on 9Go!

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TBBT is getting close and has been getting there on occasional nights, movies always used to be around there.



Really? I just don’t recall that sort of figures 5 nights a week on the channel.

Maybe they need to be putting movies on Gem and keeping Go for a more reality channel to keep that consistency, as you call it.



Wow, I am absolutely loving this season. It feels like they have learnt from everything that was wrong about the last couple of seasons (poor casting, too many advantages, little character development) and ensured this season is everything that Survivor used to be. It is also an older school cast with lots of interesting and unique characters which is great. I feel like I know almost everyone and there are barely any invisible characters. Compare that to ghost island where 3/4 of the cast at the merge were pointless and all that seemed to matterwas who had what advantage.

Natalie is my absolute fave. I love everything about her and really hope she makes it far!



when Napalm Natalie says it’s time to go, you go.

also holy cow the poetry of Jeremy saying she wasn’t self-aware, then he is the biggest arsehole to her was great.

I actually lost a lot of respect for him after the funeral comment at tribal, IMO it’s more brutal than the iconic Sue Hawk FTC speech way back in Borneo.



The best moment for me was when he was voted out, the way that Natalie just turned her head and gave him the death stare bahaha. She is gold and has potential to be an iconic contestant if she makes it far. She’s getting a lot of airtime for someone who is supposedly on the bottom so I hope she is around for a while to come. A tribe switch next week could give her a bit of hope.



Do you really like Natalie? I think she’s pushy, rude and not nice to put it mildly. :smiley::rofl: Would hate to work for her company!



I agree. I think the tribe switch next week is a tactic to try to keep her in longer. You’re right she has the potential to be an iconic player.



Seems too early for a swap when there is such a definite character to each tribe. Jeff seemed to spend half of the first episode explaining what David V Goliath meant and after just 3 episodes they get mixed up?



They do that almost every themed season though… the initial themed tribe split usually only lasts 3-4 eps max. I think they were probably worried that the David tribe would get annihilated if it stayed this way.

I do agree though that I like this theme and each tribe has been interesting as is so not needed yet IMO.



Well devastated that Natalie left last night. She was great right until the very end with some classic comments. I loved when she was voting for Lyrsa and goes “Oh and I love your purple hair”. :joy:

I can’t believe they were actually evacuated for 2 days. That is pretty crazy. I wonder where they took them .To a hotel?

This season has to be hands down the best cast/editing in years. The hasn’t been a dull moment.