Survivor (US)

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I don’t know how I can make it any simpler. You are treating only one player left to vote for as a special case that the rules shouldn’t allow, but it’s not a special case.

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No I am saying that. The rules should have never allowed for such an event or they should change so that that event never occurs again. I have said that was the only logical solution to that particular tribal council. I don’t like how the rules/producers idol planting allowed for that to occur.



I know, but you are still treating it as a special case, because that’s the one case you are saying shouldn’t be allowed to happen. You don’t mind enough idols played to leave only two people to vote for, but you object to only one. And I’m saying that I don’t really see a difference. Whether it’s one or two it’s just a difference in degree, not anything fundamental that’s different when it gets down to one.

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The difference is only one person left to go home is not the purpose of survivor. Survivor is to outwit, outplay and outlast and having idols 5 idols or advantages around takes away from a legit winner. The lucky thing here is she was not the legit winner and the rightful winner still won.

Call me old fashioned but I enjoy that strategy part of the game. I understand idols and advantages are part of the game now but there shouldn’t be that many hanging around. I don’t really understand on your special case analogy. I am not saying anything is a special case only suggesting there shouldn’t be that many advantages or idols.



Special case because you only seem to object to enough idols/advantages to leave only one person to vote for, not two or three or any other number. That makes one a special case doesn’t it?



I object to the fact that there are so many idols and advantages that it leaves only one person to vote for… I think there should be a maximum of two idols at any time of the competition and the advantage should not be an idol.



Where did you say that? You actually said to me that my “logic is flawed here” when I said exactly that. You said it’s a shit rule.

Whilst I agree they probably should cut back a little on Idols/advantages… Almost every 3 tribe season has had 3 Idols in play at some point and in more recent seasons additional advantages as well. So it has been physically possible for this to have happened numerous times before at the top 5. This only never has happened before because it’s extremely unlikely so many Idol’s would be held onto right until the very end.

Maybe lets give the other contestants a bit of credit for earning their spots. Tai and Troyzan clearly had some guts to not have wasted their Idols earlier in the game. Aubrey and Sarah obtained their Idols by having strong social games with other contestants too which saved them in this scenario. Cirie was the weakest player of them all from that perspective to not have found one or been given one. She had just as much opportunity to find Idols or forge relationships to be given Idols as everyone else did.



I said that the rule is shit that there are so many idols in play. For not one minute have I said that the situation that occurred shouldn’t have occurred as that is the rule. Hence why I am saying the rule is shit. I am so sick of repeating myself. It happened a week ago.

As for when I said it:



Happy birthday Survivor :birthday:

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^ these 2 above LOL


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Any word on whether Go will be airing this same day as the US?



Yes - same day/night as US

Starts Thursday 28 September at 7:30pm on 9GO!

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Awesome thanks!


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That will never happen.



And why exactly not? It would be feasible if the CBS purchase of Ten goes through and CBS is interested in keeping Australian Survivor on Ten. But Australian Survivor would have to last about 5 seasons to have a good selection of Australian contestants.



Mildily intresting:



Because there are many versions of Survivor throughout the world, it would be bizarre to go for a US vs Australia version out of nowehere. This would not have any appeal to anyone in the USA. At best they could do a worldwide edition with contestants from different countries but I still don’t think CBS would be into promoting other versions of the show in the US.

Also it gets complicated with prize money and taxes for people living outside the US. It’s not worth the effort. It’s not worth the effort. Going by ratings we will be lucky to get a third season anyway.



I think I had this discussion last year and something to do with contracts, money or something had an issue.