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I’m a simple person.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One of my local Woolworths stores has these awesome shopping trolleys

Has anyone else seen these at their local woolies?


What’s awesome about them?
That they actually go straight?

I haven’t seen those for a long time, just the useless steel ones.

They do look nice though.

Yeah. A new Woolies that opened in Hurstville a couple of years ago has those.

yeah, that, and the design…i think its made from recycled milk bottes

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These trolleys are used at Woolworths at Forest Hill Chase shopping centre in Melbourne’s east. They don’t have coin slots like trolleys in other supermarkets.

My local Big W has them, but they are Blue to fit in with the Big W colour code.

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I find those trolleys so much easier. The big difference is they weight very little. Mine has the half size plastic trolley in addition which is helpful as I generally do two half shops per week, don’t need the huge trolley. The small things make shopping so much easier. My local has also refurbished the self serve area and they now have these bigger trolley bays and bagging areas. Can fit four bags on the scales now.

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Yet the other ones were made of metal of some type and yet were infinitely recyclable… if these break then they cannot be recycled again? I guess it uses up plastic which is good. Wonder how long they can last though …

I mean if it gets UV light on it could break eventually?

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According to The Sunday Telegraph’s Phil Rothfield, the buyer was Canterbury Leagues Club (which funds the Bulldogs NRL team). Leagues club deputy chairman Jim Koutsouklakis said the purchase was all about safeguarding the long-term future of the Bulldogs and the licensed club for its members.

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I was in Aldi yesterday and the amount of snow gear was quite significant. I recall the sale started a few weeks ago. Going to the snow is one of most unaffordable things you can do. I know a few people that decided to go to a Bali and Fiji instead, worked out cheaper.

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Coles has imposed a temporary limit of two cartons of eggs per customer, due to a bird flu outbreak which affected five egg farms in Victoria. The limit will apply in all states except WA.


  • The ACCC says Chemist Warehouse’s proposed merger with Sigma Healthcare risks reducing competition, harming the pharmacy sector and consumers.
  • Chemist Warehouse and Sigma Healthcare would become an $8.8 billion company if the merger were given the green light.

Chemist Warehouse was established to increase competition in the pharmacy sector, which has been represented by the powerful Pharmacy Guild of Australia. How can the ACCC say the merger will reduce competition?

Sigma Healthcare also operate a large retail footprint too (through Amcal, Guardian and Discount Drug Stores)

It will be a large player but I think they need to look at the restrictions on where Pharmacies can be located in particular new licenses it seems to me it’s out dated and I would argue is the biggest issue preventing competition in the sector.

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Yep, the Pharmacy Guild has been opposing any changes on the restrictions of pharmacy locations for many years. IIRC this issue has been mentioned in this forum before.

Because they’re forcing small pharmacies out of business. My local shopping centre had two small pharmacies and a Priceline.

Chemist Warehouse took over one of those pharmacies and then the other one shut. Chemist Warehouse expanded into the space which previously was a Best & Less shop. The increased number products forced Priceline to shut down too. Now there is only Chemist Warehouse in that shopping centre.

I used to go to CW years ago but avoid it now. They’ve just become too predatory. Much prefer to favour local pharmacies rather than supporting the Bunning-ification of the sector.

Priceline has an issue whereby they want to be like Chemist Warehouse but all of their stuff is over priced which is an issue with their overall business model than anything else. I’d like to see a real direct competitor to CW. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon with the location current restrictions