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Are you sure it isn’t a reskinned Target?

(It looks very good)

No - Target is literally directly upstairs from Big W.

There is no Kmart, as the 24 hour Kmart in Blacktown is across the road. And constantly looks like shit.

It has been bought by Woolworths.


Everyday Rewards Extra changes…great that it is here to stay, but reduced benefits and increase to cost :frowning:

Great news, Everyday Extra is here to stay. However, we’re making some changes as we roll out the program more broadly.

From 1 July 2023, we’ll be making the following changes to your Everyday Extra subscription:

• *
Extra Discount
Your monthly 10% Extra Discount will continue to be available to use in-store at Woolworths and BIG W. It will no longer be available to use online (including Pick up and Direct to boot orders).

*• *
Extra Points
You’ll collect 2x Everyday Rewards points° on every shop at Woolworths and BIG W, both in-store and online, instead of 3x Everyday Rewards points.

*• *
Annual subscription fee
The price of your annual subscription will increase from $59 to $70. This will apply from your next annual renewal date after 1 July 2023.


What is this? People pay for Everyday Rewards benefits?

get onboard…the more you spend @ Woolies & Big W, the more points you get which can translate into Qantas Frequent flyer points…We saved the joining fee may times overs in discounts and got ourselves a few interstate trips since joining last year…pays to be loyal to one supermarket chain…as long as you recognise when to stop buying and not just buy things for points. In one instance with Everday Rewards, we bought 2 new ipads (something we were in the market to do anyhow) and cos they had a 20* offer on apple gift cards we got 40,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points

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Or you can opt for the free Everyday Rewards.

Less generous benefits including no 10% off a shop once a month.

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Yeh I have that. Im ok with my $10 off every now and then :wink:


You’re paying for extra Everyday Rewards points with this scheme, amongst other things. I was with Woolworths Mobile, got 10% off one shop per month.

To be honest, I am tempted, given I do most of my shopping at Woolies and Big W, and that I do prefer Everyday Rewards to Flybuys. But $70 a year for that…not quite sure.

Yeh I get the 10% off each month with my Everyday Insurance.

After decades of free parking, Westfield Knox in Melbourne’s east will introduce paid parking from June 8, to coincide with the opening of the next stage of the shopping complex’s redevelopment, including 20 new stores and a new NBL basketball court.

Under the new system, customers will get the first three hours of parking free, or four if they are a Westfield Plus member. Westfield Plus members will receive free parking if they enter after 6pm, and exit before 6am. Staff will get the first four hours of parking free, before being charged $5 a day.

Some staff and shoppers were not happy with the changes.


Now that is fucking disgusting.


yep! They know that the majority of the staff are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of pay and they still expect them to pay for parking.


I have to pay to park when I drive to work. And a hell of a lot more than $5 too.


The new parking fee affects everyone who works at Westfield Knox, including shopping centre management, security, store owners and their employees.

I reckon some of them will be forced to travel by bus to work instead.

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Oh well, it’s nothing new. Most car parks in the country are paid parking now.

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They are really making sure people don’t shop there. I avoid Eastland for the paid parking, now to avoid Knox, still plenty of other shopping centres around with free parking.

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Chadstone do not charge for parking…Westfield seem to be the greedy ones

You usually get 2-3 hours free… thats more than enough time for me.

And I think you get an extra 1-2 hours if you have been to the movies and validate your cinema ticket.

Hospitals and airports are the greediest of them all for paid parking.


Westfield have probably seen dollar signs and gone after it. Staff shouldn’t be charged really, but at least at a discounted rate?

Hospitals shouldn’t be charging that much, if at all. That is obscene

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