Supermarkets and Retail

It was a Flybuys offer said to activate it and then it looks like I had to pay for it but when the online order was picked it says

Comes up as “loyalty discount”

A lot of them these freebies are tied to deals the supermarkets are doing with product suppliers - helps push specific or new products.

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Understand that. But i was wondering whether that was an emailed offer that you have to activate or something else with onine shopping. The original comment was a bit unclear to me.

I thought Woolies went opt-in after complaints from people about receiving items that they don’t want/cant use

Don’t see the issue. I mean don’t want it, don’t click it, or redeem it. Just like half the bonus point offers I get which are all pointless to me. Just ignore them.

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I don’t remember any time that Woolies just gave you stuff. I only remember it as “Boost Now” or whatever it was called in the early days. You have to click online and then you can pick up the free item or obtain bonus points 2 hours later.

Mine was an email I had to activate with Flybuys…

I get a free item I have to boost on Everyday Extra but it’s sometimes odd. January was a box of tissues lol, February was Essentials Shortcut Bacon small pack and March was Woolies Essentials Garlic Bread.

Though I am paying $59 a year for that.

Has anyone seen the online Sanity store now? Since all the shops have now closed.

It looks like there giving the product range a bit of a revamp.


The pop culture market seems to be the trend for these types of stores. EB, JB and now Sanity all jumping in. Even the few remaining video stores too.

It’s one of the few things that they sell that has massive margins, retailers like EB and Sanity can’t survive on the comparatively small volumes of media they sell.

Sanity’s bricks and mortar network would have been difficult to covert to selling more pop-culture items, as they were generally stores with very limited square meterage, and would have needed full fit-outs to reconfigure them along those lines - money that the owners might not get back if they did go that route.

Then Sanity goes and combines it with Adult Novelty and exercise equipment. :thinking:

The two remaining Sanity stores (in Brisbane and Bundaberg) both closed yesterday.


Sanity in Yeppoon closed about 2 or 3 years ago…it made me laugh as it was next to a discount variety store called Madhouse.


That is a shame, sometimes they had CDs that JB Hifi didn’t have.

I did notice that as JB expanded throughout the 00s and 10s that Sanity generally moved out to locations away from JBs footprint.

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its because (at least in EB’s case) they are worried the next gen consoles will be online purchasing only of games. There were many puckered buttholes at EB when the rumours that the new Xbox was not going to ship with a drive and all sales would be digital. they were worried it would decimate there business so they fast tracked the roll out of zing to pivot there business away from games

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Woolworths is set to scrap 51 roles, predominantly Australia-based, as it shuts down a branch of the business that is focused on exports.

Woolworths International, part of the B2B food group which is a division of Woolworths, has operated as an exporter for some of its own products as well as wholesale partners, many of which were from overseas.

The closure will be completed by the end of June.

Some of the impacted staff members could be redeployed into other parts of Woolworths while the rest will be given redundancy packages.

I didn’t even realise that Woolworths had been running its own export business.


I think they were exporting Woolworths branded products to other big supermarkets around the world, but other than that I’m not too sure what else they were doing with it.

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I was driving down my local road today which has 2 EG Fuel stations about 2km apart. Diesel at one is 199.9, the other 183.9. It has remained that way for the last week. Madness.

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That’s happening in my area too at the moment. I noticed because I always check the NSW Fuel Check app when I need to fill up.

EG at Kogarah 189.9 and EG Banksia 209.9 since yesterday.

By the way, the Kogarah EG which had its Everyday Rewards sign covered up a while ago, has it uncovered again and they accept the rewards cards again. Must have had an end of contract but then decided to sign up again with Woolies.

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