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The butcher in the two Woolies I regularly visit, is alongside the wall of meat fridges so can imagine that they will just install more fridges in its place.

The deli is connected to the butcher, behind these fridges. I’ve seen the butcher walk over and help in the deli/seafood section when they are very busy and he is not.

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The writing was on the wall when Coles did the same a few years ago - wouldnt be surprised if they do similar with in-store bakeries soon too

With the number of defrosted, imported bakery items ever increasing, I suspect the writing is on the wall for them in the near future.

The range of items freshly baked, even par-baked has declined compared to only 5 or 10 years ago.

Are you sure it was a butcher? Because It sounds more like a Deli with a Butcher facing? This is how the new set-up works. The deli department covers everything, and where the customer sees the butcher it’s basically just a Butcher facing that is controlled and run by deli staff.

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I had two Caltex/Woolworths Petrol stations near me which were converted to Ampol/EG Petrol stations. Just noticed today that they have covered up their Everyday Rewards signage with black tarps.

I assume this means that the agreement between EG Group and Woolworths to continue to offer a 4¢ per litre discount for customers with Everyday Rewards has ended. It must have happened at the end of 2022?

Yesterday I saw a Ampol EG at Epping Plaza Shopping Centre. Haven’t seen one in Bendigo though.

Is it just me or is Coles cheaper vs Woolworths. I barely ever shop at Coles but now I have started splitting bits and pieces between the two. The same instore stone baked rye bread is $5 at Coles Down Down, and $7.50 at Woolworths. Coon cheese also, Woolworths $16.50, Coles $15.85. It is about $10 a week cheaper for me to push some shopping to Coles, not much I know, but still…adds up.

Coles led the market with the price locked campaign, seems Woolworths seems to just follow when required. Will be interesting to see what happens when those Coles price locks fall away next week. Would be smart if they extended it for another half.

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I find that both supermarkets seem to match prices so that most goods are the same prices at both unless they’re on special.

I don’t know about that brand of cheese but Bega Tasty Cheese seems to be the exact same price at both. Regarding the stone baked bread, Woolies has more than one brand and I’ve seen one is $7.50 while another is $5.

They are doing another run of price locks until 11th April. I’m not sure if it’s the same products, different products, or a mix of both.

A cheap rebrand to EG Ampol (using the existing Woolworths Caltex pylons) should look like the picture uploaded to Wikipedia

If they’re covering up the Save 4c + Everyday Rewards signs, the specific station may possibly be in the progress of being sold by EG to a independent/franchisee who decided to keep Ampol as their supplier.

Though I suspect in your case, the EG Ampol pylon rebrand just involves moving the Everyday Rewards sign from the bottom to the ‘merged’ Save 4c/Everyday Rewards sign in middle above the Price Board (as per the provided example picture)

Yup that is what the one at Epping looked like. The Save 4c + Everyday Reward Sign with the Woolworths on the left.

I found this from an article in 2018 about the sale

Woolworths said it had entered a 15-year agreement with EG that will maintain its 4¢ a litre fuel discount shopper dockets across the network, and enable Woolworths Rewards points to be earned on fuel transactions across its network.


I think you’re right about that. I drove past another Ampol/EG petrol station today and they still have the Save 4c/Everyday Rewards sign in the middle. So it must still be individual stations which are no longer providing the Woolworths discount.

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Coles at The Glen shopping centre has posted a notice it will close early at 9pm each night, from next Monday (January 30). At the moment it shuts the doors at 10pm.

Woolworths will stay open until 10pm.

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I’d heard talk that Coles were rationalising opening hours in some stores - looks like it might be fairly widespread across their store network.

Tip is they may follow suit later in the year

Here in regional Qld during the week the supermarkets close at 9pm .

Since the pandemic, we seem to be going backwards. There were a number of Coles and Woolies supermarkets that opened until midnight but now there are very few.

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It’s very odd, do people really not use supermarkets after 9pm??

Most of the Coles stores in inner West Sydney open until midnight with Woolworths closing earlier at 10 to 12 depending on the store. Interesting that it’s the opposite.

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