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Maybe not enough staff to keep it open?

My local has a notice up . Instead of 6am-12am it is now 6am-11pm. The Woolworths two blocks down is 7am-10pm.

I do find that 6-7am window handy if I am up early need something on the way home from early morning fitness sessions

The only thing I hate is Coles closes or opens late it’s self serve and runs one checkout. I have never seen a Woolworths close self serve during trading hours.

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It just seems to be a change in policy.

All the Woolies supermarkets in the southern suburbs close at 10pm now. The Coles supermarkets in shopping centres also close at 10pm.

The standalone Coles supermarkets (and Westfield Miranda) are open until midnight but some had been 24 hours on weekdays. The standalone Woolies did open until midnight but now also shut at 10pm.

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Lets take a look at Bendigo. We have 5 Woolworths and 3 Coles. Please Note: BWS, LiqourLand, Coles Express and Ampol/EG are not counted.

Golden Square - Opens at 7am, closes at 11pm (7 days)
Lansell Plaza - Opens at 7am, closes at 10pm (7 days)
Kennington Village - Opens at 7am, closes at midnight (7 days)
Bendigo Marketplace - Opens at 7am, closes at 10pm (7 days)
Epsom - Opens at 6am, closes at 11pm (7 days)

Lansell Plaza - Opens at 7am, closes at 11pm (7 days)
Bendigo City - Opens at 6am, closes at midnight (7 days)
McLvor Road - Opens at 7am, closes at 11pm (7 days)

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9 pm is pretty standard for QLD. I think there are some places that may shut at 10 pm. I doubt it would go any later than that.

We used to have a 24 hour Coles here in Newcastle, but that is no longer (now 5am to 10pm).

Not sure if there are any 24 hour full line supermarkets (ie. not service station co-locations) still open anywhere?

Don’t think so. Not in Sydney/NSW anyway. I miss those days. As a shift worker it’s even annoying they’re (mostly) all closed by 10pm if I want to duck in after an afternoon shift. I was annoyed one night last year I went to go to a particular Coles because the website said they’d be open but no, their hours had been cut back. Pretty ordinary when a company can’t keep a simple thing like that up to date.

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Could it be also to reduce the store’s power bill?

Coles at Burwood One (next door to Kmart) in Melbourne’s Burwood East is still open 24 hours.


It’s bizarre that we have Kmart discount department stores open 24 hours but not supermarkets.


Maybe if those Coles Express / Woolworths Metro service station co-locations didn’t exist, perhaps there might still be more 24 hour supermarkets open?

Kmart doesn’t really have such an equivalent.

Are the Airport stores still going 24/7? There was one at the airport in Brisbane that was 24/7 at one point I’m not sure wether it still is.

I checked the Coles and Woolworths websites.

Coles only has an Express (service station type) one near BNE airport, but Woolies have a full line one at Skygate (near the DFO) that is still 24 hours.

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Reducing the wages bill seems more likely. You’d still have everything running outside of trading hours, except some of the lights.

This confuses me, apart from nappies and formula there’s nothing urgent to be got from Kmart. There’s 24hr supermarkets (Monday to Saturday) in the UK and they’re very handy. Although you need to dodge restockers overnight.

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In relation to 24/7 Coles and Woolies, last I checked Brisbane had 1 (Woolworths Brisbane Airport), Sydney 0 and Melbourne 1 (Coles Burwood). A massive decline on even just a few years ago.

Adelaide’s Central Market Coles was almost 24/7 (Midnight - 9pm Weekdays) but that has closed permanently.

Perth will get a 24/7 Woolworths adjacent to Perth Airport similar to Brisbane’s location by the end of the year. Although as mentioned before, Perth has 30 24/7 Spudsheds / IGAs. The irony is that by the time WA fully deregulates trading hours Coles and Woolworths will probably be operating 8am - 9pm nationwide the way they’ve been cutting trading hours in recent years.

Talking to someone who works in retail strategy recently, the changes brought about by covid in terms of how people shop seem to have stuck in a lot of respects.

The supermarkets were wearing some increased cost by having longer hours prior to covid and these have increased and they want to stem losses. It also allows restocking to be more efficient because you’re not having to dodge customers

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I moved out of Perth in late 2011 and shopping centres near me Cockburn Gateway was closed on Sunday !

Moved to regional Qld and it was weird how more stuff was open on Sunday than in a big city like Perth lol. Also open much later too from memory here than then .

I think it changed not long after though.

I remember some shopping centres could open because they were in tourist areas of Perth .

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Or maybe just people can’t shop late because they keep closing earlier and earlier.

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I had a similar experience when I moved from NSW to QLD in 1997 for a few years.

Whilst I lived on the Gold Coast which was not a problem, it was weird driving to Brisbane and finding most shops were shut on Sundays, except in the CBD. Even major suburban centres like Westfield Chermside and Garden City Mt Gravatt were closed on Sundays then. That wasn’t the case in NSW at the time.

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Someone in a Sydney boardroom pointing out no-one in Melbourne was shopping after 8:30pm in 2020 and calling it “a trend”

Wouldn’t be an issue if nightfill hours were actually at night. Saving a few dollars at the expense of customer experience, that’s why I pick Woolies.