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OTR has struck an agreement with Chevron/Caltex USA to take over the retail operations of the Northern Territory PUMA stations, the stations will be branded as ‘OTR Caltex’

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Feels like we’re going round and round in circles with all these acquisitions and rebrands in this industry. Must be a very costly exercise to change the branding on all these petrol stations.


Still at least another couple years of it too, as we will see Viva remove Coles Express branding from Shell sites next, and the rest of the Caltex roll-out is moving at a snails pace.

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Was there any word on what is replacing Coles Express?



Nothing official from Viva yet and it doesn’t appear they’ve started the de-branding at any locations.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Viva recycle an existing Liberty brand / IP like “Time Saver” or “Fast and Ezy” , you can already see this in a few newly built Viva operated, Shell branded locations (e.g Yarraville, Tottenham)


Unlikely to be “Fast and Ezy” - its a mixed fuel brand offering from UCB

I wonder if they’ll go for something less Shell to cover all bases if their licencing agreement ends in 2029 without renewal

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Not quite, I think I just got excited when I saw how cheap they were and gradually ended up with more underwear than what I actually needed. That said I had regular clean outs. I throw out underwear as soon as I get a hole in them (or the elastic goes).

I haven’t had to buy a new packet in ages because I have too many :stuck_out_tongue: I dread having to do an underwear search when the time comes as I wouldn’t know the good brands vs the bad one’s. I certainly would never pay $60 for 3, I even think $25 for 5 is a bit rich!!

Chances are the 3 for $60 CK undies will last longer than 5 for $25 Bonds undies. That’s been my experience anyway.

At 4 times the price, they’d need to last longer, or have some special powers!

Get your Bunnings “cup holder” while you can. Stock running out fast.

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Fast and Ezy also operate some Ampol and BP locations (typically in the outer suburbs or regional locations). They are one of the many third party re-sellers, much like NightOwl sells Shell, Caltex USA (Chevron) and BP fuel at locations across Australia.

Their other brand is “MyLocalStore”

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These butcher counters have never been particularly popular since they started to get re-included in store-fit-outs in the mid to late 2000s, often loaded up with some amazing deals though as nobody buys anything from them and a fair portion of the stock inevitably ends up packaged and reduced to clear.

The offering that I’ve seen recently is also near-identical to what they already have pre-packed a few metres away. Same price, same product.

While they might get some use in high turnover stores, rolling them out in every single new location wasn’t a good idea.

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I’m not too sure why Woolworths is suddenly making this announcement when it was first announced 8 years ago that all this was going to happen. This isn’t really news.

They took them out of a lot stores 8 years ago but left some stores with them. Now this just cut it back further to just a select few

The store I was at lost most of its butcher in 2015 the only one left was the manager who was also a butcher. But whether he is still there I’m not sure.

Previously the prepackaged meat was prepared in-store by butchers, not every store even had a counter, but they had facilities and qualified butcher’s to prepare the meat on foam trays wrapped in cling film and displayed in the meat cabinets. That ceased in favour of vacuum packed stuff from cardboard boxes and these dinky little counters where they moved the poultry offering from the deli and added red meat which for the most part wasn’t that different to the packaged stuff. Although the cuts were often better trimmed which made for better value.

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Our woolies was renovated in 2018 or 19 to include a butcher surely they wouldnt remove it?

Only one woolies in our town .

Would come down to how popular it is.
It’s not hard for them to just replace the butcher fridge case with something else / spread out Deli items a little more.

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