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The 2 Litre bottles seem to have changed too - at least in Vic with no bottle deposit they were $2.00 for ages, went to $2.20 earlier in the year and now in the last few weeks shot up to $2.80.

Oddly IGA’s “Price Promise” at my local is still at the $2.20 pricing, but I assume not for long.

You just get the sense they’ve decided everyone will blame “inflation” and deciding to take a price bump while they’d hide in the crowd.


The Big W above the flagship Sydney Town Hall Woolworths is now open. Looks schmick. Strangely it’s only across one floor. The escalators to the level above have a hoarding around them. I wonder if the old cafeteria is still being redeveloped or whether they are just going to use that floor for more storage?

One really bad thing is a giant video wall which they have installed in front of the escalators which gives off so much heat. :fire: Such a bad idea having that near food. I could feel that heat from three aisles away. In summer it’s going to turn that supermarket into a sauna.

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Can’t recall where I read it but someone messaged Big Dubs about the upper level and the response was it was going to be used for storage.

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I rang Big W who has informed me in Yeppoon Qld they have ceased direct to boot as it was deemed “unsafe” the area to pick it up. It also isn’t available anymore in North Rockhampton or Gladstone when you choose options . Seems odd it was running for so long if it has now been deemed unsafe .

It’s got a fair bit of stock on the one floor. They’ve certainly utilised the space better than the old Woolworths had. A lot of staff in there today. More staff than customers. :slight_smile: Seemed to be some training going on around the cash registers.

Puma Energy Murdoch and Byford have been converted to Caltex here in Perth

What I’ve noticed is that the whole site shuts down for a month to do the conversion. I think there’s a lot more to do with the Puma to Caltex conversion unlike the Caltex to Ampol conversion.

Murdoch Conversion below


Most Ampol conversions are just a repaint and canopy badge replacements, pump sticker replacements and replacement of the store paneling to Foodary livery, except in some cases where those stores are earmarked to be converted to a Woolworths Metrogo, which in those cases requires closing the store for a month or two for interior refurbishment, whilst putting a demountable nearby as the shop.

Looks like most of the old Puma Super 7 / 7th Street Cafe shops are going to get a full refurb, even if they’re not that old in the first place. Forecourt / Canopy renovations seem basic.

They’ve gone all out with these. New canopy lighting, bulky bollards and toppers, complete facelift of the shopfront. I reckon they’ll eventually tone down the design as the rollout progresses though, especially if they’re needing a month to convert sites. Something that doesn’t need much more than a sign change and paint job over the Puma colours.

What happened to all the Big W’s that were going to close ? 30 or so

I assume they have been put on hold indefinitely for now due to a variety of reasons. Target stores closing around Australia has definitely given them more confidence and has helped a few stores, and while I’m not sure if Big W is in a successful state at the moment, they are definitely doing better now than 5 years ago.

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Some of the Queensland conversions had a shop interior refurb alongside the Canopy/Sticker Changes, even a few that recently opened only a few years ago, so I’m guessing Chevron must be spending a lot of CapEx on the conversions.

I’ve never been a fan of Puma, especially since they rolled WA’s Gull petroleum brand in the process.

I bet Caltex is glad to bring back the full StarMart livery versus the tacky exposed pine patio style Foodary shop fronts they had to endure towards the end.

This is the 3rd version of Caltex. I can remember the excitement in 1999 when they opened a brand new site on Great Eastern Highway in Midvale in Perth, post Ampol merger. Of course it’s since become Ampol.

Big W Sydney Town Hall 1st Floor

Big W Signage in Woolworths on the Ground Floor


This Big W in Sydney looks like a regional KHub or something. Hopefully they have something like click and collect in there a bit like the KHubs.

Same. I absolutely loved the Gull brand but I’m not sure why. WA owned and a nice logo and colour scheme I guess. Always liked seeing their Burswood site on the way in to the city, the one with an Amcal chemist attached. Puma’s brand is so aggressive in comparison.

They get to market Techron as well. Vortex is now a thing of the past.

Techron is the worldwide branding of Caltex’ Premium Fuel.

If I recall, ‘Vortex’ as a result of the Ampol merger back in the 90s. Since the divestment and divorce from Ampol, Chevron can use Techron in Australia again.

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Are we seeing the Future of all Big W Stores? Smaller and more Convenient???

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Ours has done away with photo printing digital and non digital. Apparently you can do it online though via their site somehow,.

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Yet it looks clean and recent in your photo. Doubt they’d have many issues, if any, if they just kept it, with 99% of the remaining stores rebranded.