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They may be replacing the fuel tanks in the ground perhaps?

I was talking with someone who’s been working on the Caltex → Ampol conversions recently - they were saying the major limiting factor at the moment has been the need to get planning approval for the conversions (despite most being substantially like-for-like conversions). Once they get the approvals, the signage contractor acts fairly quickly.

I wouldnt be surprised if the conversion of Puma → Caltex is staggered so the Ampol conversions are completed in an area first

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Interesting on the browser they mention re stock dates now:

Interesting that a lettuce is $5.50 not $10 Central Qld … haven’t seen it at $10 at Woolies but it was $11.99 at IGA.

Yep it isn’t just lettuce

Maybe I wasn’t the only one always live chatting them asking when certain products were coming in that i bought…

Inghams Turkey for example it has those dates too :… must be everything out of stock now has a date.

Edit : Turns out I had not logged in so that wasn’t my store but must be a feature for certain areas … my area just says out of stock no date mentioned.

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Woolworths is doing a ‘price freeze’ on the below items for the remainder of the year. However I did note some of these items went up last week.


That’s a smart marketing idea at a time of higher inflation.

Even though most of the products are home brand - it may still cut through to customers who are feeling the 5% rate of inflation…….

Woolworths supermarket in Sydney’s Double Bay is turning unsold bread into garlic bread.

I notice that Tesco in the UK is promoting their “Aldi Price Match” on a range of products.

Could Woolworths or Coles do the same here? It would be a powerful statement that would annoy the heck out of Aldi. Tesco are clever. They don’t match every price, but a range of prices.

On a side note, bananas at 78p a kilo is a pretty good deal, especially considering they would all be imported.

But dont Aldi modtli have home brand products and not as many known brand products that Coles and Woolworths have.

The Tesco Price Match indicated is generally, although not exclusively matching Tesco’s house brand to Aldi’s house brand price.

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It’s the fruit, vegetables and branded products that Tesco have also price matched. For example, Colgate and Coke (as shown in the link).

I have never bought a product from Aldi. I can’t stand the queue at the checkout and the lack of choice. I appreciate the competition they have bought to the supermarket sector in Australia, but their business model is not for me.

I stand corrected Squee. You are right.

This is a complete list of the price matched groceries and most are for non branded products.

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Woolworths will have Fix-ems as collectibles. Nine News also reported that Coles will have Harry Potter collectibles.


Arent most of the generic branded products in both Woolworths and Coles mostly similarly priced as Aldi anyway? Why do they need to advertise that fact? Why now?

I agree that the generic prices are similar, but maybe that’s not what the market thinks.

The perception amongst Aldi fans is that not only are the generic items cheaper, but they’re universally better quality than the equivalent generic items at Coles or Woolworths.

Wouldn’t hurt to give such marketing a shot considering the inflationary times we’re in right now.