Supermarkets and Retail


TkMaxx is also due to open in Werribee in the old Toys r Us site.


Corio Shopping Centre is a Mess especially behind the Coles Supermarket which the Carpark has to go Underground to extend the Shopping Centre, who bought the Centre?


I go past Corio regularly and sometimes shop there, its very run down these days it has been mostly abandoned in favour of Waurn Ponds which is much bigger but a strange layout with a mix of old and new sections


Aren’t Corio and Waurn Ponds on the opposite sides of Geelong? (though I know Geelong isn’t big city). I would have thought Corio shoppers would be more likely to go into the city centre than Waurn Ponds?


Yes they are opposite sides, the CBD has a lot of issues with crime and anti social behaviour, I live close to the CBD and I try to avoid it where I can. Corio people can easily get to Waurn Ponds via the Geelong Ring Road so its not too far, some will also go to Werribee Plaza.


What’s the tune used in this Aldi Advert? It seems vaguely familiar.


It’s Heavy Action, which is known in UK as the theme for Superstars (all round sports competition show on the BBC in the 1970s and 1980s) and elsewhere as the theme of NFL Monday Night Football on ABC then ESPN in the US.


Build A Bear has been placed into voluntary administration with 10 stores set to close.


It truly is a bear market then :frowning_face:


Macquarie reckons Woolworths may close up to 60 Big W stores


Surprised it’s taken this long.
Woolies would be better off selling the chain for $1 that shutting the whole thing down mind you, however any sale (especially to private equity) would be under intense scrutiny after what was done to Dick Smith.

Will be interesting if that level of store closure is enough to make the business profitable again.


Looks like Big W ain’t so big anymore.


Medium W could be it’s new name perhaps?


It doesn’t sit anywhere in the market anymore. Kmart is the cheap department store with a focus on homewares and clothes while Target is lower priced but still has brand names now Kmart doesn’t with a bit of a wider selection of items. Big w just looks weird inside now with useless party sections and drab interiors and no strong focus.


Big W was awesome in the pre-internet shopping days.

There’s still a few product areas they could do well in, but the problem is that none of them really fit together all that well anymore.


Whoever thought dedicating 15-20% of Big W stores to party supplies is an idiot.
Having seen how inept Woolworths management is first hand at anything that isn’t food, liquor and pokies, it doesn’t surprise me that Big W has continued to produce losses for the company despite years of promising to turn it around.

Not to mention the puzzling rebrand and stores in the network that have been untouched since the early-mid 90s.


Spotlight works as a party store as they have very large sections with a huge range for adults and children. Most $2 type discount stores like Ronis have good party sections too. The Big W party section is rubbish.


That was really unnecessary. For the most part the stores themselves looked fine. The problems are range, cohesion, service, and promotion (for starters).


Well in my opinion Big W has a better range of products than Kmart, in terms of the variety of brands available, I realise Kmart is cheaper but you can’t for example buy a Sunbeam Kettle from Kmart.

Don’t forget to that Kmart around 15 years ago as a brand was in real trouble, Target was going well, now it’s the other way around, all company’s go though bad spells.


Not sure what everyone’s hate is for Big W? Then again, the Bathurst Store in my opinion has always been great. Always neat, stocked, big and has had a recent makeover. Bathurst Store is well worth a look :+1: