Supermarkets and Retail


Thanks. Next time I want a $3 T-shirt I will go several hours out of my way to Bathurst Big W.


Agree, not 100% sure why there is so much hate for Big W. My local Big W is fantastic, it’s always well stocked, good location, it was mentioned in a article in the local newspaper a few weeks ago, that the opening of Big W here in 2012 is one of the reasons why our local Target, which has been operating here since the mid 1970’s, is closing down at the end of May. After that we will only have 1 Kmart & 1 Big W here.


having worked and managed a party shop in my younger days (a proper specialist store - people in Brisbane might remember it being opposite the gabba on vulture street) the profit margins look great on paper but stock loss, gas and labor just kills it. theres not that much profit in retail.

we made most of our profits on importing and wholesaling to other party shops - we only kept the retail arm open as we did a ton of corporate events - the sort of events that Big W won’t get