Supermarkets and Retail


Agree, not 100% sure why there is so much hate for Big W. My local Big W is fantastic, it’s always well stocked, good location, it was mentioned in a article in the local newspaper a few weeks ago, that the opening of Big W here in 2012 is one of the reasons why our local Target, which has been operating here since the mid 1970’s, is closing down at the end of May. After that we will only have 1 Kmart & 1 Big W here.


having worked and managed a party shop in my younger days (a proper specialist store - people in Brisbane might remember it being opposite the gabba on vulture street) the profit margins look great on paper but stock loss, gas and labor just kills it. theres not that much profit in retail.

we made most of our profits on importing and wholesaling to other party shops - we only kept the retail arm open as we did a ton of corporate events - the sort of events that Big W won’t get

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Coles and Aldi have finally given in and will increase the price of their 2L and 3L milk from tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

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Big W are having a Flash Sale, but you better Hurry coz the Bargains Finish at Midnight.


Regarding the increase in the price of milk:

“Good Things Are Happening at Coles, After They Happen At Woolworths”

“Aldi. Good. Late.”


Scentre has announced its plans for the extension of Westfield Sydney into the existing David Jones Market St store. David Jones will move out mid next year, consolidating its operations into the Elizabeth St store.

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Shades of Emporium in Melbourne which was once Myer’s Lonsdale Street store.


I was expecting that when I heard David Jones was opening the top floors of the Elizabeth Street store when offices moved out.

Don’t like the idea of retail space in that area replaced with more apartments.


MYER Melbourne is brilliant now.


It sure is.
You should see how Perth myers compares. Run down, old, crack tired toilets always broken… disgusting really. Never going to compare to teh high classiness and highest standards of Myers in Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue:


Less retail space overall but DJs consolidating will unlock a huge amount of space for new retailers to open up in the CBD.

The apartments will only be in the new tower above. The rest of the existing building will be offices so I guess they could convert them back to retail in future if they wanted to.


It’s about to get a long overdue refurb (and downsizing, interestingly enough) as part of the Forrest Chase redevelopment


About time I say.
I reckon they will get rid of the restaurant and top floor where all the sales crap and apple stuff are .


Just shopped at my local Coles supermarket and they’ve introduced mini tv screens with cameras at each of their self serve check outs. How long has this been a thing?

That’s taking it to the next level.

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I saw those installed in one supermarket in Sydney early in the new year. They’re spying on customers.

Yesterday at Woolies in the city, they busted someone who wasn’t scanning all yhe products they had put in their shopping. The security guards swooped on him including one undercover one that often patrols it. The police had also been called in. Saw this happen to a couple last month too who pretended they did nothing wrong but the security guards had swarmed in.


My local woolworths has (re-)introduced weight checking to the self-serves.

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Maybe they have to but I find the process slows you down and if you have more than ten items you have to call over a supervisor almost every time.


It never works properly at Coles. Maybe Woolworths has solved the problems?


It seems to work fine, just takes a second or so to register an item. Somehow manages to detect light items (like their own bags) well.


It has some weird restrictions which cause problems. If you have too many of the same item, it needs the supervisor to scan their pass and confirm.