Supermarkets and Retail



We have two JB Hi-Fi’s in Frankston. One outside and one in the shopping centre.


Probably necessary to accommodate the needs of Frankston’s resident movie man


But what’s the point? You can already shop online with Coles.


The Castle Hill Sanity has closed since Christmas. Lots of shops closing in Castle Towers ahead of the redevelopment.


Despite the campaign, Kaufland is pushing through with its plans to launch in Victoria. Three stores at Chirnside Park, Epping and Dandenong, as well as a distribution centre in Mickleham, has been approved by the Victorian Government. A further three stores are proposed for Oakleigh South, Coolaroo and Mornington, subject to approval.


They did a Save Our Shops campaign during the 90s too. Can’t remember exactly what the trigger was back then.


Reducing prices at IGA would be a better response. For example, Driscoll’s blackberries are usually about the same price in Woolworths, Coles and Aldi but are consistently double that price in my local IGA. Kombucha is the same, double the price of the other three supermarkets. IGA needs to do better than just discounting a handful of products every week.


Probably to do with deregulation of trading hours.



Sounds like a last stand for Myer.


I have to admit that I buy most of my casual and work clothes from Myer in Miranda Fair. I don’t get hassled when I try on clothes in Myer, unlike some smaller stores where the assistants follow you in to the change rooms.


You must be shopping in the 1970s. :wink: They stopped calling it that decades ago.


Will be interesting to see how much space they decide to remove from their CBD flagships as opposed to cutting space in the suburban / regional stores that are part of their network. They’re already in the process of substantially reducing the floor space of the store in the Perth CBD as the building it’s in is getting its first renovation since the late 80s. Wonder how much the Melbourne and Sydney CBD stores will be impacted in the years to come (Considering the Melbourne flagship originally opened with 9 floors of space less than 10 years ago).

I feel this is a generational change that a lot of retailers still haven’t picked up on, I also go out of my way to avoid any stores with that kind of fussy, over the top service.


Myer was downsized from Bourke St + Lonsdale st stores to just the Bourke St. You couldn’t make the Bourke St store much smaller unless you closed the top floors.


That’s exactly what might happen. Either lease it out to other retail or convert it to office space.


I was in Myer Melbourne recently and was surprised that at least Menswear and Baby and Toddlers are located in the Emporium building on Lonsdale Street. Could be an easy cull once the lease is up.


What’s happening with the Lidl expansion in Australia?


Probably nothing.

It’s never been more than a rumour that the media writes about every 6 months or so.


TK Maxx will open its newest Melbourne store at Forest Hill Chase on Thursday, March 28, taking up the space formerly occupied by Big W.