Supermarkets and Retail


I’m a huge fan of DFO Brisbane. I love the polished concrete floors and the exposed ceilings.

Despite its ‘inelegance’ compared to traditional shopping malls, the ‘industrial’ look is now the modern look. And shopping centres around Australia have been ripping out their rooves to go the trendy look of exposed AC ducts, wiring and piping.


Now merchandise, shelves and counters just get covered in dust.

As the tenants at DFO could have told you years ago.


Coles will release a new series of collectables to entice kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.


So many thoughts enter my mind regarding the collectable fruit and vegetables.

Imagine how small the plastic blueberries will be.

I hope they do kumquats. They are the most underrated fruit.

Will the strawberries have little plastic razor blades?

I assume the rockmelons will not have miniature cases of listeria.


Why wouldn’t those collectable things be considered to be a choking hazard for small children?


Is that a euphemism. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This filth belongs in MS After Dark


I was at jindalee DFO a week ago and that place is in a death spiral. at least half the shops are shut and threres nothing major there to draw people in (with the exception of nike, adidas and puma)

they are trying to get council approval for a cinema to be built, but even if they do i don’t think it will go ahead as mt ommaney (only 2.5km down the road) has council approval to do the same.

i’ll be suprised if it’s still there in 3 years


Yeah, I’ve never been out there and never understood the attraction… Skygate seems a perfect location for a DFO (especially for the higher-end brands)… Brisbane probably can’t support two DFOs unless there’s something distinctly different between the two.

I always thought a little boutique cinema could make a go of it at Skygate (layover travellers and even local families wanting a shopping/mini golf/food/cinema day).