Supermarkets and Retail


Chemist Warehouse and Priceline Pharmacy seem to do ok with cosmetics and perfumes, probably because you are forced to walk past them to get to the actual pharmaceutical products, and they clutter the cash register waiting line with advertising for cosmetics.


I know. I get my prescriptions from Priceline and it’s right at the back. My old chemist back home went from being quite a friendly, warming place to shop to looking like a Chemist Warehouse-esque place. Many people have told me they’ve gone to the newer chemist next to Coles.

I don’t know about you guys, but I want my pharmacy to be more like a pharmacy, not a supermarket.


Why can’t Wesfarmers by Napoleon Perdis?


Why would they want to?


So that you can actually put lipstick on a pig


A Chemist Warehouse opened up near me last year and it’s actually in a former IGA


Hmmmmm…sexy pork. :heart_eyes::laughing::laughing:


Oooh la la!

When I was a kid, I used to think Miss Piggy from The Muppets was kind of sexy.

Not anymore, definitely not after your post, ECC!



WAtoday implying it is a lucky dip for Aldi whether it is getting liquor licence applications approved in Western Australia.


They’ve done well to get as many approved as they have in the last 2 years, and the fact that they’ve been permitted to have liquor on the shelves in the supermarket has opened the floodgates for several IGAs to apply for similar licenses and re-configure their stores accordingly.

The areas they’ve had applications rejected have generally been low-socioeconomic with a significant number of adjacent liquor stores, albeit in some cases it has been clear that a double standard favouring Coles / Woolies has existed where prior BWS/Liquorland stores were approved without issue but Aldi ran into issues.


DJ has gone through three CEOs in the past five years. The constant change in leadership hasn’t been good for the retailer.


So not only is MYER doing really bad, so is David Jones


DJs is at least trying to turn things around.

Went into a Myer for the first time in ages last week and couldn’t believe how shabby and bare it looked.


Why don’t they just turn Myer into an outlet store?


I like the way Aldi sell booze near one of the checkouts in its NSW stores. After I have lined up for 45 minutes in a queue and not been able to buy half the things I want; I often feel like a drink.


Aldi liquor reminds me of this…


I can’t remember the last time i saw anyone reference Mr Hell.


At least 15 years since I last saw anyone else mention it in the wild, caught me by surprise!


The separate Wino World sketch was on YouTube but it’s disappeared. Love Mr Hell. Very underrated.