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Not sure if this fits here … The Macquarie Ice Rink at the Macquarie Shopping Centre will close on 31 January 2020 with centre owner AMP to use the space to allow improved access to the adjacent bus and train stations.

Ice rinks in the Sydney area are slowly vanishing. The Sydney Ice Arena at Norwest closed in October 2017.


This is a ridiculous decision as suburban shopping centres revamp themselves as entertainment destinations to compete with online shopping. They had a captive market for north/northwest Sydney.


But if nobody uses them, what do you expect? On a recent visit in school holidays it was so empty compared to what I remember decades ago.


Going to that shopping centre lost its appeal to me when Channel Ten moved out of the studios across the road and the possibility of running into a Ten personality picking up milk and bread diminished.


It is always packed when I go.


Similar to Mirrabooka Square in Perth. That centre was close to Seven, Nine and Ten’s old studios at Dianella. There were quite often vox pops and on screen opportunties out there.


I used to always see Nine News/ACA reporters in Chatswood (biggest shopping destination close to Willoughby) doing stand ups or vox pops in the mall when I lived in the area. I guess they’ll be doing a lot more in North Sydney from next year. Just as a lot of Seven employees frequent the MLC Centre food court at lunch time in the city, we’ll be able to play spot the Channel Niner in the cafes when they move into Denison Street.

Freaky Fact: When I first visited Chatswood in the late 1980s I secretly hoped to run into Mr. Kelly, his kids or Nudge in Westfield or Chatswood Chase because the show was set in that suburb. Little did I know…


Not really across the road as it’s a good half hour walk, but I know what you mean. :smiley:


Good thing you didn’t!


The Australian reports today that Woolworths will create its own private label halal food brand, to debut later this year.


Woolies will be overflooded with nufties complaining about the halal system and what have you. :roll_eyes:


I’m sure the brigading has already started on their social media by the usual types.


How long until Sky News After Dark is back from their non-denominational festive break?


I can already hear Pauline on the phone to Sunrise to arrange a live cross


Paul Murray is back Sunday January 27, Andrew Bolt, Credlin Monday January 28.


Target in Mount Gambier, SA has announced it’s closing down, last day of trade is May 25. It will be replaced by a Coles Supermarket which is relocating from it’s current location.

Not a massive surprise with a Target, every time I have gone in there in recent years there’s hardly any customers around, the store is a shadow of it’s former self.


My local Target is looking very dated too.

I swear it still looks the same as it did back in the mid 1990s when it first opened.

Not many customers there either.


The former Harris Scarfe building in Devonport is due to be knocked down, it still has a few logos on the windows along one street which are for Fitz Geralds which was now about 25 years ago.

Harris Scarfe moved into the old Harvey Norman building late last year which when undergoing redevelopment there also finally removed some of the relics from Loughrans another transition from around 25-30 years ago.

The Harris Scarfe site was half cleared about 15 years ago when the Coles store was knocked down and is about to be turned into a luxury hotel as part of stage 2 of the Living City plan.


Another chain in trouble.


“I blame a lot of factors, from greedy landlords who will not allow us out of leases and who then charge us ‘de-fit’ costs on the stores … that’s cost me $3.5 million alone. The malls are dead, there’s no foot traffic, everyone’s buying cosmetics online but the landlords don’t want to hear about it,” Perdis said.

This is the continuing problem that shopping centres are going to face and they aren’t doing much to help smaller retailers remain in these spaces.